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Three wrong ways to choose an awesome geeky gift

Today with vast availability of fan stores from all kinds of fandoms, people believe it’s easy to choose a gift for a geek. Just get the guy another Harley Quinn figurine to gather dust on the shelves, right? Wrong! Geeks don’t care about mainstream pop culture. They only care for what’s close to their heart. That’s why Suicide Squad and Superman movies are getting all the criticism. That’s why nobody wants an average, thoughtless, mediocre present. It is time for a geek to speak up for one’s needs by pointing out some of the most common mistakes others make while choosing geeky presents only a wannabe YouTube nerd-streamer with 37 views will enjoy. Read More…

Floating Wedding Cake urges you not to take a bite

Floating Wedding Cake by Crealev

Anything levitating in mid-air is magical to us humans, even though we know the science behind it. Levitation has always been related to magic and till date we are always enchanted by anything that defies gravity. The levitating wonder in question this time around is a wedding cake. Just like some other levitating gadgets we have seen so far, this one is different and fit for a geek’s matrimony.
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Geeky NES briefcase handmade from thin, lightweight wood

NES was everyone’s favorite and since its extinction from the gaming peripheral arena, Nintendo game control system has thus been meted out with a host of innovative treatments. Then be it a NES coffee table or a NES laptop all have been really fascinating, still this Nintendo controller suitcase is cheekiest of them all. This recycled NES briefcase and laptop bag by Etsy user Super Sock is entirely handmade from thin wooden frame, packed from inside with gray faux fur. The wooden bag has handle made with super rubber and shiny red keyrings to mimic the NES red features. Priced at $180 the suitcase is good to house a laptop 15-inch or smaller and/or your clothing for the next trip abroad. Read More…

Fire-breathing remote controlled dragon can actually fly @ 100mph

What’s the freakiest thing you seen all day? Not sure about you, perhaps for us it has to be this remote-controlled flying dragon that shoots fire. Conceived by Rick Hamel of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the lime-green colored, red eyed dragon, clad in fiberglass and Nomex honeycomb body, is powered by a Jetcat Kerostart P80 engine and uses liquid propane for fuel that’s ignited (within the mouth) by a 55,000-voltage stun gun.

This monstrous toy by Rick is inspired from Disney movie How to Train your Dragon, and is immaculate, measuring 7 1/2-ft long, and featuring a 9ft-long wingspan, which allows the dragon to do up to 100mph in 10-12 minutes of a single charge. The dragon that’s taken Rick over five months to build, as we said has a stun gun in the mouth, on hitting the R/C switch the jaw opens and a micro-switch is activated to turn propane gas and stun gun on to execute fire from the dragon’s mouth – scary, but it ought to be fun.

Via: HobbyMedia/BoingBoing