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Battery-powered DURUS robot walks like humans in a pair of sneakers

DURUS walking robot

It’s a general notion in robotics – robots that stand and walk on two legs are more stable than ones on multiple legs and wheels. Enhancing upon the idea, boffins at Georgia Institute of Technology’s AMBER-Lab have provided their robot DURUS with the ability to walk like humans. The battery-powered robot can replicating human locomotion and walk with human-like heel strikes and push-offs. Read More…

Third robotic arm transforms musician into a superhuman drummer

Gil Weinberg with Tyler White playing drums with a robotic arm

Being a drummer is not easy and it takes a toll on your hands and fingers. All the famous drummers have however defied the odds and played all their life like super humans. Their only wish, having an extra arm so that they could bamboozle the world. For one drummer that wish has come true as researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a wearable robotic limb which functions as third arm for a drummer. This intelligent robotic arm attaches to drummer’s shoulder and it automatically switches from playing ride cymbal to the snare depending on what the drummer is playing.
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Helicopters will be able to land anywhere with DARPA’s robotic landing gear

Adaptive robotic landing gear by DARPA

Although, helicopter and chopper pilots have been trained to perfection to fly them, landing and the takeoff still remains the trickiest part of the job. Till now, landing in rough seas and uneven terrains was almost impossible, but looks like DARPA have come up with an innovative solution to tackle the issue. The agency suggests to change the way a vehicle lands itself. Instead of using the traditional rigid landing gear, it proposes flexible legs for the helicopter which can assist in landing safely on bumpy terrains.
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Tablet-controlled swarm of robots fit for any colossal mission

Georgia Institute of Technology robots

Georgia Institute of Technology develop intelligent robots

When a robot is not able to accomplish a task on its own, a swarm of robots certainly does. That is the undeniable future and we are heading towards a time where robots will move in groups to accomplish complex set of missions that are too dangerous for us humans. Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have an eye for the future and that is why they are developing a group of robots which can be controlled just with a simple swipe of a finger on the screen of your tablet.
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Scientists develop self-powered smart keyboard that can identify the user too

Scientists develop self-powered smart keyboard

A team of scientists have created a smart keyboard that will completely change the traditional way in which a keyboard is used for information input. The self-powered and self-cleaning intelligent keyboard powers itself by generating electricity when a user’s fingertips make contact with its multi-layer plastic materials. Besides that, the smart keyboard analyzes and record parameters such as force applied by key presses and the time interval between them, thus offering a stronger layer of security for the computer users. Passwords are the only way to protect our personal information on a computer, however they are themselves vulnerable to theft. That’s why the smart keyboard has been developed to offer more secure and user-friendly solution to safeguard the data on our computers.
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CES 2014: Ford to unveil their conceptual C-Max Solar Energi car

C-Max Solar Energi car

We have had our fair share of CES 2014 contrivances, ranging from from joystick cellphones to smartphone controlled paper planes. However, this time around we have decided to cover something more than just a puny gadget. All-American automaker Ford will now be using the exalted CES platform to exhibit their advanced C-Max Solar Energi car. Envisaged as a plug-in hybrid automobile, the specialty of the C-Max lies in its ability to be powered directly by solar energy. In other words, the electric car doesn’t require conventional outlets (all the time) to be juiced up; instead it can also utilize the natural sun rays for the powering up scope.

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