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Amputee gets a gesture controlled robotic prosthetic arm

Johns Hopkins University Myo controlled prosthetic arm

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University have used the awesome muscle sensing Myo armband to control a robotic prosthetic arm – turning the prosthetic arm into a gesture controlled arm that works without electronics. Using the prosthetic arm and the Myo armband, patients can control the arm as they think.  A pair of Myo armbands is used on the upper arm, which detects electric impulses in the arm muscles to wirelessly transmit them to a computer nearby. The computer understands these movements and commands the connected prosthetic arm to execute the task. Watch Myo controlled prosthetic arm in action below.  Read More…

Apple Watch patent promises exchange of information and data with a handshake

Apple Watch gesture based information exchange

There is no reason why Apple shouldn’t brag about its AirDrop feature that makes NFC look ordinary. But unfortunately the service isn’t viable enough to function on the Apple Watch smartwatch due to small screen size and hardware constraints. However Apple is now looking to patch that loophole and it is apparent from a patent filed for exchange of information between two Apple Watches without much fuzz. This patent is all about exchange of personal information or files by simple gestures like a handshake or high five.
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Chop your Moto X 2nd Gen twice in the air to turn on flashlight!

Chop Twice for flashlight Moto X feature

Motorola has made a strong comeback into the phone market with its Moto E smartphone and never looked back since then. Moto X has also been performing good, and positioned as a high-end phone for premium users, it has delivered to the promise in the last year or so. Plus it is a Google owned mobile device so it enjoys the perk of getting the latest updates to the Google Android OS. Now Motorola has rolled out the Android 5.1 Lollipop update for Moto X (2nd Gen.) and it comes with a handy new feature that will be adopted by other phone manufacturers too.
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MEVU – Bitcoin wearable wallet for making payments with gestures

MEVU Wearable Bitcoin wallet

Geeks have always with fascinated by the concept of digital currency, and Bitcoin is the answer for that. There have been numerous uses of Bitcoin currency in the past and now a new approach to integrating Bitcoin with electronic wallet system is here. Combine these two with the buzzing wearable technology and you’ve got the next generation payment method up your sleeves. MEVU, a wearable technology startup by Apurv Mishra has developed a proof-of-concept bracelet that uses gesture recognition to make small payments, like a tip in restaurant, perhaps.
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Touchless gesture controlled input is the next pinnacle of smartphones and tablets

Gesture controlled smartphone and tablet technology by elliptic labs

If you were thinking that owning a high-end touchscreen smartphone is cool then an intuitive new technology by Elliptic Labs could change your perception drastically. A touchless gesture SDK controlled (software development kit) by Elliptic Labs that uses ultrasound as the input was demonstrated at CEATEC 2013 Japan, Murata booth at Hall 2 Booth 2A72 in Tokyo from October 1-5. This new technology will make sure that less energy is required to initiate input for smartphones, tablets and other modern day gadgets with a screen and on top of that it is going to be cost-effective for manufacturing too. Everything from playing games to writing text is going to be touchless with this new innovation, in a way making your smartphone all the more smart.
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