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Superdad Ryan builds awesome ‘Ghostbuster Ecto-1’ for his paraplegic son

Superdad Ryan builds Ecto-1

Super dad Ryan Scott Miller is back with another marvelous Halloween costume for his 9-years-old paraplegic son Jeremy, who is suffering from ‘spina bifida’. It means he has not developed his spine properly in accordance to his age and he always needs his wheelchair to move around. Earlier, Ryan had built a cool ‘Star Wars Snowspeeder’ around Jeremy’s wheelchair. This time, it’s the Ecto-car featured in “Ghostbusters”. Jeremy is a big fan of Ghostbusters, so his dad thought it would be another special gift for him. Read More…

‘Ghostbusters’ Twitter harassment raises free speech questions

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones

Comedian Leslie Jones had enough with Twitter and so she quit. After coming under cyber-attack from so-called internet “trolls” who sent racist, misogynistic, and threatening tweets, the Ghostbusters star decided it was time to remove herself from the social media platform that tends to thrive on the anonymity of the internet. Before closing down her account, though, Jones called out Twitter for not doing enough to protect members from harassment from other accounts. Freedom of speech, she said, has its limits.

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Official Lego Ghostbusters kit to celebrate the blockbuster’s 30th anniversary

Gohstbusters Lego kit for 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of blockbuster movie Ghostbusters that created huge waves on the 80s era, Lego is going to release an official kit designed by Brent Waller. The idea was up for support on Lego Cuusoo platform and it did so well that Lego decided to make an official kit for the blockbuster movie that rocked the 80’s. This iconic Lego set will include the Ectomobile ambulance as well as mini-figurines of the movie characters Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. There is no word yet on the release date or price of this Lego kit but we can expect it to be a big hit just like the movie.
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