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Henes Broon F830 – Electric supercar for your demanding kids

Henes Broon F830 electric car

Henes Broon F830 electric car for kids

There are so many supercars out there for adults, but can kids hone of any drivable supercar? Sure, now they can with this electric supercar that’ll bring a smile to every kid’s face. Henes Broon F830 is an Android tablet/touchpad controlled electric car for kids that can be without doubt portrayed as that one toy every kid would want to brag about. Everything about the Broon F830 is done with precision; like the drive system, steering column, suspension, responsive gear system, exterior of the car and interiors that look plush without any doubt.
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Dr. Dre 24 carat Beats Pro headphones for FIFA champions Germany

Gold Beats Pro headphones for Germany football team

You must have seen musicians wear Beats Pro headphones in the studios, thanks to Beats by Dr. Dre, the FIFA 2014 world champions will soon be seen with the pair of Beats Pros too. To commemorate the world cup winners Germany for their amazing achievement, Beats by Dr. Dre has created an ultimate prize – a set of 24 carat gold plated Beats Pros, which will be gifted to all 23 members of the German squad and their manager. The special gift from Dr. Dre is designed to deliver similar emotion and power that recording artist intended when they recorded the song being played. Read More…

Christmas gift ideas: Best bikes for new age cyclists

Innovative bicycles for Christmas Eve

Christmas bells have already started ringing in our ears and with less than 9 days to go for the Christmas Eve to arrive people around the world are on a shopping spree to celebrate this auspicious occasion. And from all the options that buyers have to gift something special to their loved ones, a bicycle/bike comes on top of the list simply because of its utility and eco-friendly credentials. Especially people who like to conserve nature and are acquitted with the benefits of eco-friendly living. So here we present some of the most stylish yet different bikes that will make for a very special Christmas gift to loved ones, followed by a few bicycles that attracted our attention buy unfortunately are yet not available for purchase.

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LED engagement ring is a geek’s expression of love

LED engagement ring

Things that you do in love, you can only do in love. Proving it all right Ben Cokes has done something for the love his life by creating a LED engagement ring that is studded with diamonds and illuminated with bright blue LED light when they both are close together. Apparently this is the world’s first smart LED engagement ring which is made from titanium and 23 precious stones that are embedded along the circumference of the LED ring.
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Arcade Cabinet Candy is perfect gift for geek lovers this Valentine’s Day

Geeks also need love, and so do they need candies to bring sweetness in their otherwise busy life. Is your other significant half is too bunched up being the smart one, or if there is someone who likes geek stuff but doesn’t give much significance to chocolates or red roses, then why not express you love to them with this geek nectar. Go on, gift them a pocket full of these Arcade Cabinet Candies and they’ll surely fall in love with you this Valentine’s Day. Aracde machines are always dear to geeks and it reminds them of the good old childhood days when a quarter was worth more than gold, just because it could be pumped into the cabinet to play classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-man. Well, this Arcade Cabinet Candy is perfect for gifting a geek you love as it comes only for $3 per tin.
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Chocolate beer served in edible chocolate glass is perfect gift this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better to gift your other significant half than a beer chocolate with a glass made of chocolate that can be eaten when you finish the drink. Launched in a Limited Edition of 500, the set has one 300 mL Imperial Chocolate Stout beer in chocolate flavor and a chocolate glass made by St. Gallen to compliment the flavor. The chocolate glass is specially designed to melt in your mouth and not while you are holding it. The raw material for making this beer is chocolate malt which is roasted hot to emulsify the flavors in the beer and the chocolate used is 2.5 times more than used in normal dark beer.

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Video message greeting card to send video letter to your loved ones

Remember the times when on any special occasion like birthdays or Valentine’s Day we used to present our gifts with fancy greeting cards to show the love inside. Well, now in this digital age the greeting cards also got a bit tech savvy with the introduction of multimedia element. Holiday season is fast approaching and the Video message greeting card (DN-82650) that can record videos up to the length of 10 minutes (estimated according to the memory size of 128 MB) is perfect to send a special message to people who live far away. The videos that you want to share using this digital greeting card can be easily converted across all major formats like AVi, MP4, MPEG, WMV or 3GP with the bundled software.

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A dad transforms plastic race car into full blown racing car for his kid

Being a father is not easy when your kids are growing up and need time as well as the things important for their mental as well as physical development. Evan (aged 5) is one lucky kid who has custom modified Lightning McQueen Powerwheel race car built by his dad because the original Lightning McQueen Powerwheel lost its plastic wheels and could be hardly driven. Evan’s father replaced the stock plastic wheels with metal rim and rubber tires for long lasting life and that’s not it, he took the modification three folds better. He replaced the plastic chassis with aluminum and fitted the car with gel batteries, disk brakes, 500 watt 66 horsepower electric motor, throttle modulated variable speed control with reverse gear and Sparco battery cut off switch.
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