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$50 Elsewhere glass turns 2D video on iPhone into immersive 3D


Virtual reality has the potential to change gaming and entertainment forever; the only problem, VR is still pretty expensive. A new eyewear called Elsewhere wants to change that at a very nominal cost. Developed by husband and wife duo of Wendellen and Aza Raskin, Elsewhere glasses comes with a iOS app and turns any 2D video in your camera roll into an immersive 3D virtual reality footage. Read More…

Second-gen Ford GT to have Corning Gorilla Glass windshield

2017 Ford GT supercar

Lightweight body made from carbon fiber material

Second-generation Ford GT is the epitome of Ford’s automotive innovation and they want the supercar to have performance that is unmatchable. To achieve this the engineers are going to shed 12 pounds from the total weight by having the industry’s first ever Corning Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield. Yes, the same Corning Gorilla Glass that protects your smartphone display. This hybrid windshield will have three layers comprising of Gorilla Glass specially made of automotive, thermoplastic and annealed glass applications.
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Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be foldable, durable and waterproof

Google-glass-enterprise edition

If you are reading this, there’s a likely possibility you are a Google Glass appreciator. And for many more like yourself, it is important to inform that Google is probably working on a new model of its hyped entertainment glasses. If for some reason you were fascinated with the initial version of the Google Glass and wanted the version 2.0 to be on the same lines, Tony Fadell (head Google Glass project) and co. may just be ditching you. According to reports carried by 9to5Google, Google Glass Enterprise Edition (aka EE) is the new model on the way, which is more functional and inclined at ease of use. Read More…

Sony’s single lens display module morphs ordinary glasses into HUD

Sony single lens display for wearable glasses

Looking at the inevitable possibility of wearable technology dominated future, Sony has announced the development of a compact and lightweight single-lens display module with OLED technology for enhanced image quality. The module will come handy with any normal eyewear that is capable of displaying high quality visual information. Which means that one can attach it to a pair of sunglasses, goggles, spectacles etc. and incorporate the functionality of a HUD.
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Sony SmartEyeglass SDK released, Google Glass better watch-out!

Sony SmartEyeglass wearable

Google Glass has had many competitors along the way of its development and the final product reveal too. Now, Google Glass is going to have even stiffer competition from renowned manufacturer like Sony, as they have announced SDK Developer Preview for the SmartEyeglass transparent lens eyewear. This SDK will ensure that there are ample platforms for this wearable to work with on its final launch (scheduled early next year) as developers get enough time to make it compatible with other hardware. The wearable glasses look like 3D glasses with 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, stand-alone microphone and brightness sensor.
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Google Glass compatible Aero Glass facilitates pilot with advanced HUD

Aero glass HUD

A new kind of head mounted display with augmented reality credentials has been spotted, and let me tell you it is going to change the way aviation industry perceives visual information while flying planes. Aero Glass HUD can be mounted onto Google Glasses for providing advanced navigation, waypoints, geographical points of interest, airspace information, ADS-B traffic and other information that is vital for display in pilot’s vision. Not only Google Glass, but the wearable device is going to be compatible with Epson Moverio and other head-mounted type displays. The wearable glass is currently on show at the AirVenture exhibit and the first 200 people to sign-up with the testing program will receive the device for $1000, including the SDK.
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Could we see Samsung Gear Glass at IFA 2014?

Samsung gear glass

Just a couple of days ago Google announced the availability of their AR glasses which have set the tone for wearables in the last few years. And now a new development is surfacing regarding the launch of Samsung Gear Glass at the IFA 2014 in September. This outright Google Glass competitor will run on the new Tizen OS designed for wearable gadgets like Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch, giving one more reason for Google to hasten their R&D for the wearable augmented reality glasses. Samsung’s Gear Glass will have an ear-piece and heads-up display for the right eye to display the visual elements.
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Samsung Galaxy Glass to have palm projected keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Glass augmented reality virutal palm keyboard

It is no surprise that the trend started by Google Glasses has sparked a fire that is engulfing every electronic giant’s imagination into making one for themselves too. Samsung has not been in the hiding like others, and has revealed it is making smart glasses that are better than Google Glasses. Christened as Samsung Galaxy Glass, the smart glasses are slated to be unveiled in the latter half of this year or early months of 2015. Some say it is going to be released at the same time as the release of Galaxy Note 4 which is good news for Samsung lovers who are longing for the ultimate smartphone, smartwatch and smart glass combo.
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Will Nissan 3E HUD glasses give the blues to Google Glass?

Nissan 3E glasses HUD

Google Glasses have started all-new kind of race amongst high tech savvy manufacturers and independent DIYers to come up with revolutionary wearable HUD embedded into the glasses itself. Joining the bandwagon is Nissan with wearable glasses that are pitched as Third Eye and called Nissan 3E glasses which is one of the releases along with Nissan Nismo smartwatch for its futuristic gadget lineup. Unlike Google Glasses the angled screen display screen of the glasses sits in front of the left eye which has a very uber cool blue look. Not very much has been revealed by Nissan at this point in time but the world will get a glimpse of Nissan 3E glasses at Tokyo Motor Show.

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Emergensee vision correction glasses for near and distance viewing

Adlens Emergensee glasses

Wearing glasses can be a usual affair for most of us geeks out there as we are so addicted to the computer screens making our vision a bit blurred no matter what. But there are times when you either break or glasses or lose them at some random outdoor location. This can be really frustrating if you don’t have a back-up pair of glasses to wear. For this very reason Adlens has come up with variable focus eyewear called Emergensee that looks to be a viable solution for broken glasses and contact lenses. Just like the lens adjustment glasses of an optician, the continuously adjustable glasses have two turning dial sections that can be optimally adjusted according to the wearer’s comfort.

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