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Hand-Tech Glove for gesture controlled augmented reality

Hand-Tech glove language extension glove

Netherlands based designer Francesca Barchie has come up with a new kind of concept for combining the gesture control and interactive glove technology into one for a wide variety of applications. Called as Hand-Tech, the wearable device is a semi-transparent glove covering your hand from the wrist, right up to the two fingers and thumb. The fabric of Hand-Tech glove is woven with sensors and miniscule projectors that identify the hand’s movement and then translate the action into the requisite function, with or without the 3D projection. One can take pictures, zoom-in or zoom-out, record videos, prop up particular apps and more using the glove in real-time. Combining virtual and real world environment into one, the Hand-Tech glove is also capable of translating sign language of deaf people into sound pattern of spoken language.

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IGS-Glove: World’s first Gyro-based finger and hand tracking glove

What happens when you try to capture hand movement using camera? It fails to work when the camera cannot see the hand, which means the possibilities of application are limited. Now, to make hand and finger tracking limitless, Synertial (formally known as Animazoo) has introduced the IGS-Glove which uses highly accurate inertial sensors that are not sight bound and can even permit tracking of hand and finger movement when the hand is in the pocket or away from the line of sight. Dubbed the world’s first Gyro-based hand and finger tracking solution – the IGS-Glove is developed primarily as precise and easy to use alternative for users who want accurate and fast hand and finger movement for animation, simulation or research. Read More…

Teenager builds exoskeleton glove for grandmother’s disabled hand

exoskeleton glove by Charalampos Ioannou Google science faire 2013

Charalampos Ioannou, a 17 years old youngster from Athens, Greece was so concerned about his grandmother’s ailing chronic upper hand disability that he decided to make an exoskeleton glove capable of sensing human hand’s kinetic stimulus. Charalampos did this with a processing system that has algorithm driving the powerful precision motor mechanisms to enhance the user’s force in real time. The metallic exoskeleton glove also won him the final place in 2013 Google Science Fair (GSF 2013) which is no surprise.
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Sensor glove changes color to indicate toxic substances in air

Sensor glove

Employees working in chemical laboratories or others frequently exposed to harmful substances elsewhere are taught how to keep themselves safe in such hazardous areas. However sensing that there is still scope for improving safety, researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT have developed a glove that can recognize toxic and harmful substances in the surrounding air and makes handling such substance less risky. Read More…

Glove sensory: Fiber optic glove translates sign language into speech

There are numerous small inventions that have the potential to transform many lives for the better and this sensory glove with fiber optics, capable of translating sign language into speech, is perhaps one amid them. Developed by PolyProject team of student engineers at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, the sensory glove connects to a computer or phone, using which it can easily interpret a deaf-mute’s sign language and translate it into any language verbally. Read More…

Glove One brings phone number dialling to your fingertips

All of us are tired of talking over cell-phone for hours while holding it against our ear; a Milwaukee based industrial designer Bryan Cera is here with a solution as he conceptualizes a very intelligent and practical cell-phone which you can wean on your fingers. Glove One, as the name suggests, the prototype intended to make your chatter more natural and comfortable looks like a robust glove made out of some shiny rigid plastic and recycled electronic parts. This wearable communication device not only adds functionality to a fashion accessory (i.e. glove), but also revolutionizes the cell-phone designing process.

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