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Goldgenie reveals 24k gold-plated Segwheel that runs at 18km/hr

24k gold plated segwheel

Segwheels haven’t become a mode of contemporary transportation yet; however, this is no reason to prevent Goldgenie from providing an electric Segwheel with the revered Midas touch. The customization specialists has taken an electric Segwheel and turned it in a luxurious 24k gold-plated Segwheel. The stunning mechanical wheel is embellished with over 5 microns of 24k gold and has been finished meticulously in Gold Python skin. Read More…

Sumptuous Apple Watches that you can pre-order right now!

Plush Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been one of the most anticipated wearable gadget which is all set to be up for pre-order on April 10, 2015; and for sale on April 24, 2015. Without a doubt it has to be a plush wearable gadget that carries a definite style statement, so what more could you ask for? Well, a tad more opulence, perhaps that would set you apart from the crowd. Third-party manufactures have come up with their own modified versions of Apple Watch and Apple’s own gold watch edition that more than meets the eye.
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Goldgenie unveils limited edition Year of the Goat 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite

Goldgenie launches limited edition Year of the Goat 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite

Goldgenie, UK-based luxury brand have launched a limited edition “Year of the Goat” 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. Marking the New Year of the Goat, the new limited edition luxury iPhone 6 Elite embellished in 24k gold will feature a laser engraved, hand-painted Chinese goat symbol. A limited edition of only 99 units of the iPhone 6 Elite Year of the Goat will be produced, each phone will be laser stamped with its number in the series. Therefore, each device is unique and can serve as a great gift for a loved one or one of a kind collector’s item.
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Goldgenie gives gold treatment to BlackBerry Passport smartphone

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

Remember the Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone who leaked images were seen about a couple of months ago? Well, after teasing the interested buyers for quite some time, finally the gold smartphone is officially out and available for purchase. The 24K gold BlackBerry Passport smartphone is crafted by folks at Goldgenie who are always ready to add their Midas touch to modern technology. The luxury brand team was so impressed by Blackberry’s latest release that they decided to adorn it with gold. Thus, when masters of mobile business joined hands with leaders in luxury customization, it was certain that we’ll see a masterpiece that is both functional and beautiful.
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