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Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch brings golf course details to your wrist

Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch

Garmin has revealed a lightweight and slim form factor watch that comes as a handy accessory to have for golfers. Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch comes with a high-resolution color display and preloaded maps for over 38,000 international golf courses with the option for Touch Targeting and Manual Pin Positioning. This enables precise data tracking and via the Garmin Connect app compatible with iOS and Android devices, one can easily share and compare their rounds.
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What’s on the ultimate man’s Christmas list?


Men, eh? Impossible at the best of times but a total nightmare when it comes to buying for at Christmas. What do you get for the males in your life, those curious species of the human race who find great entertainment in poring over football formations and belly button fluff? Here are a few suggestions of what might just be on the ultimate man’s wish list this Christmas.

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GPS-enabled TomTom Golfer watch provides vital course data to enhance your game

TomTom Golfer watch

Garmin is a name that has transformed the game of Golf with touch of technology – and to take this unification of golf and technology further, TomTom has unveiled the TomTom Golfer, a GPS enabled wristwatch which promises to provide a golfer with game-enhancing data, right on the wrist. Embedded with GPS, the TomTom Golfer watch provides the player with data about hazard locations, layup points and pin distances among other statistics. Read More…

Arccos GPS stat-tracking system is easiest way to improve your golf

Arccos GPS stat-tracking system-1

Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal with research and development backing from Callaway Golf Co. (ELY:US) have devised Arccos, the first of its kind GPS stat-tracking system for golfers, that lets you know every aspect of your game – every shot, every distance, every round, every moment, right on your smartphone. Though, Arccos isn’t a lone technology aimed at improving the game of golf, there have been mobile applications and sensor-mounted gloves that help, but Arccos is certainly easiest way to help improve your game. It’s as simple as – pair, play, review and improve! Read More…

Jedi Putter trains golfers for an accurate putt with multisensory, real-time feedback

Jeff Fitlow

Over the years engineers have tried remodeling the physics of putter used in golf. There have been significant improvements, but the Jedi Putter, first multisensory, real-time tactile feedback training putter sets to make the game even more competitive. Designed for intermediate golfers to help them learn consistent putting strokes, the Jedi Putter is a brainchild of Ray Simar and his team of five engineers from the Rice University. Read More…

X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley makes golfing fun and relaxing

X9 Follow Bluetooth-powered Golf trolley

We’ve seen some really innovative creations to facilitate golfers on the course. Yet, the X9 Follow – the first of its type Bluetooth-powered golf trolley makes a mark for itself. Designed and created by Stewart Golf, the X9 Follow is a compact and foldable trolley, which unfolds in one smooth movement. When unfolded for use, you simple have to open its front cover, connect the lightweight lithium-ion battery and put the cover on. X9 Follow comes with anti-rotation bungee cords, which are used to secure your bag with the trolley, so that when you are pushing it in the parking lots of pathways, your bag doesn’t tumble over.
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Play golf in night time with motion activated Light-up LED Golf Ball

Light up golf ball with motion activated LED light

As a golf player getting that perfect feel of the game can be priceless and at that time you wish to play day and night long. Playing in the day time is understandable but playing golf in the night time is asking a bit too much. But the Night Sports Light-up LED Golf Ball makes it possible to play golf in the night time too. As soon as you hit the ball, the LED lights up on impact and stays on for 8 minutes so that you can track the ball for the next shot in pitch dark. The ball has LED light that has 40 hours of battery life which is enough for an extended golf playing frenzy in the night time. The LED golf ball comes with patented After-glow technology for continuous visibility even from quite a long distance away and lights up in one of the four colors as soon as the club hits the ball.
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Improve baseball, tennis and golf game with smartphone compatible Zepp 3D motion sensor

Zepp 3D motion sensor for golf tennis and baseball

Improving your outdoor sports has got even more tech savvy with gizmos that help you analyze nifty little details to achieve perfection. A new entrant into this niche market is Zepp Sensor that helps golf, tennis and basketball players in fine tuning their game with data that makes sense presented in three different games. The 3D motion sensor is designed keeping in mind the requirement of athletes and can be used in conjunction with your tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. Zepp motion sensor measures about 1-inch square and weights 6.3 grams which is huge advantage as it can be mounted on baseball/softball bat, tennis racket or golf glove to analyze baseball swings, tennis swings and golf swings wit the help of in-built ARM processor.
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Measure accurate distance of golf course holes during game

Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660

As a golfer you know how difficult it gets to keep track of all your shots and the distance of the hole from your hitting position. To counter this problem you need to get hold of Laser Range Finder  Apresys PowerLine 660 that will not only help you in gaging the distance of the golf course hole but also measure the distance of other objects like balloons in the sky or the distance of a flying airplane for example. When you turn on the power button and point this gadget towards any object like the putt flag or ball, it gives the accurate distance within 0.5 seconds which is quite appreciable. Apresys PowerLine 660 also becomes handy for taking accurate measurements in construction sites or even measuring the distance of an approaching car on the freeway, just like the cops do to issue you speeding tickets.
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GolfBoard is electric skateboard-style golf cart for new-age golfers


Riding a golf cart on the green seems so primitive with the introduction of GolfBoard. The easy to operate GolfBoard has lesser impact on the course in comparison to a golf cart and it has been designed especially to speed up the game of golf. With the GolfBoard designed by Mike Radenbaugh, hip golfers now have a new way to cruise through the course in a feel similar to snowboarding or surfing. The electric GolfBoard features a 4 wheel drive (with a pair of 36-volt DC motors) and has relatively bigger, and softer tires to commute quicker with least damage to the greens. Read More…