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Google Glass is an effective tool to determine brain disease, but how?

Image - The Verge

Image – The Verge

Google Glass was developed keeping in mind augmented reality applications and providing the wearer with a better information about the real world in front of the eyes. However, researchers at the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Siberian State Medical University have found another good use for Google’s wearable. They are developing a software which helps determine brain health using the glasses.
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Google Lens: Interchangeable lens add-on increases Google Glass field of view

jibo_he_lens_for_google _glass

Google Glass might have been pulled down from the market primarily because it failed to impress many by its limited field of view, but that hasn’t stopped researchers at the Wichita State University Kansas, United States, to device ways in order to enhance Google Glass’ workplace applications. To give Glass’ limited field of view a valuable push, researchers Jibo He, Barbara Chaparro and graduation student Long Wang have developed Google Lens. Google Lens is basically an optical lens which can enhance camera view of Google Glass from 54.8 degrees horizontally and 42.5 degrees vertically a dramatic 109.8 degrees horizontally and 57.8 degrees vertically. Read More…

Google Glass Enterprise Edition in flesh looks much better than its predecessor

Foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition_1

We haven’t heard much about Google Glass in a long time and that means only one thing, they are working on a better version which will be released sooner rather than later. It was speculated that a foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition is on the way and finally we get to see how it looks. Having some cosmetic changes like the foldable design and slightly bigger glass prism will bring portability and the leverage to see a larger picture. According to FCC documents the new model is named as GG1 and it looks like a smoothened pair of glasses with screen floating above your eye level.
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Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be foldable, durable and waterproof

Google-glass-enterprise edition

If you are reading this, there’s a likely possibility you are a Google Glass appreciator. And for many more like yourself, it is important to inform that Google is probably working on a new model of its hyped entertainment glasses. If for some reason you were fascinated with the initial version of the Google Glass and wanted the version 2.0 to be on the same lines, Tony Fadell (head Google Glass project) and co. may just be ditching you. According to reports carried by 9to5Google, Google Glass Enterprise Edition (aka EE) is the new model on the way, which is more functional and inclined at ease of use. Read More…

Why Toshiba Glass could give Google Glass a run for its money?


Toshiba took CEATEC 2014 electronic trade show as a platform to unveil the prototype of its smart glass dubbed Toshiba Glass. The pair of smart glass is a display system that connects to the smartphone and lets you enjoy a range of visual content on an augmented reality display right in front of your eyes. Though, unlike the Google Glass, Toshiba Glass does not feature computing abilities, it’s going to give customers a much cheaper variant of smart glasses, which will connect to the smartphone and work as a chic display. Let’s read on to see what Toshiba Glass will offer, and how closely it competes with the Google Glass? Read More…

Google Glass compatible Aero Glass facilitates pilot with advanced HUD

Aero glass HUD

A new kind of head mounted display with augmented reality credentials has been spotted, and let me tell you it is going to change the way aviation industry perceives visual information while flying planes. Aero Glass HUD can be mounted onto Google Glasses for providing advanced navigation, waypoints, geographical points of interest, airspace information, ADS-B traffic and other information that is vital for display in pilot’s vision. Not only Google Glass, but the wearable device is going to be compatible with Epson Moverio and other head-mounted type displays. The wearable glass is currently on show at the AirVenture exhibit and the first 200 people to sign-up with the testing program will receive the device for $1000, including the SDK.
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Let your eyes be your camera with the iPal smart glasses

iPal smart glasses

When we talk of smart glasses, Google Glass is what strikes the mind first. But Google Glass features head tracking camera, so it doesn’t have any idea of what your eyes are focusing at; in order to let your eyes be your camera, revolutionary new smart glasses, iPal is making rounds on Indiegogo. iPal basically follows your eyes automatically, it sees what you see, and lets you capture videos and pictures in HD with your eyes alone and share the same on various social networks like Instagram or Facebook with a wink or a blink. Read More…

13 year old creates DIY Google glasses for himself

DIY google glass

Google glasses have generated a lot of interest in people all around the world. However, not everyone can afford these $1500 glasses and most of us have to settle just by dreaming about them. But not Clay Haight, a 13 year old boy who has created his own version of the Google glasses. At the age of 8, his fascination towards constructing electronic objects and DIY projects started after he was presented a book by his grandfather which explained about everyday appliances.
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Thought Google Glass was amazing, check out the Hattrickwear

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat

Why do you think smartphones are getting lighter by the day? Probably so that one day you could slot one into the long brim of a hat to create your own heads-up display without adding weight on your head. Such is an idea conceived by Omar Isaac. He has introduced the Hattrickwear, an augmented reality hat, which has an extension to slot a mobile device. This allows the user to interact with the device’s screen and camera using pair of prism that reflect the screen into view. Read More…

Could we see Samsung Gear Glass at IFA 2014?

Samsung gear glass

Just a couple of days ago Google announced the availability of their AR glasses which have set the tone for wearables in the last few years. And now a new development is surfacing regarding the launch of Samsung Gear Glass at the IFA 2014 in September. This outright Google Glass competitor will run on the new Tizen OS designed for wearable gadgets like Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch, giving one more reason for Google to hasten their R&D for the wearable augmented reality glasses. Samsung’s Gear Glass will have an ear-piece and heads-up display for the right eye to display the visual elements.
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