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Google’s Daydream VR motion controller to be shipped this fall

Daydream motion controller 2

Daydream – Google’s Android –powered VR platform announced at the I/O conference has raised hopes of consumers who want to have refined experience of virtual world. This fall, the world awaits smartphones that support all Daydream features. But in the meanwhile, a motion controller with the headset wear has made people curious what it actually does. We already know about Google’s ‘Cardboard’ and existing VR platform, but new motion controller sounds interesting. Read More…

Google’s next Android OS is going to be Milkshake, banana or mango, you figure out!

Google Android Milkshake operating system

After the long list of tastebud tempting Android operating systems released in the successful decade for Google, now the next version has been announced at Google I/O Conference 2015. Codenamed Android M, pretty obviously after the alphabetical adaptation of naming Google operating systems, the new OS brings a fresher interface to Android-powered devices.
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Google teams-up with GoPro to make the next big “Jump” in virtual reality

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

GoPro cameras assembled in a rig to capture stereoscopic imagery

Google is taking virtual reality very seriously, and just a few months after the Google Cardboard project was initiated, now we have “Jump”. It has partnered with GoPro to bring VR ecosystem to your hands with a 360 degree camera rig consisting of 16 Hero 4 cameras set at precise angle to capture the scene in stereoscopic imagery. Google has kept portability in mind, therefore the rig is quite compact to carry around.
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