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Alphabet’s health tracking smartwatch has round e-ink display

Google X health tracking wristband revealed in 2015.

Google X health tracking wristband revealed in 2015.

Back in 2015, Bloomberg first reported that Google’s (now Alphabet) forward looking life sciences lab, Google X had created a health tracking wristband, which could track heart rate, pulse, skin temperature, noise and light exposure. On his recent visit to the Mountain View-based Verily (formerly Google X), Antonio Regalado of MIT Technology Review managed a peek at the prototype of what could be Alphabet’s second generation health tracking watch. Read More…

Google to acquire Lift Labs, the maker of Liftware Spoon

Liftware Spoon Lift Labs Google acquisition

Google has been on a spree of acquiring technology start-ups that are either linked to intelligence systems or automation industry. Now, they have plans to acquire San Francisco-based Lift Labs, the company behind the Liftware Spoon which stabilizes hand of people suffering from Parkinson. This take-over is planned for Wednesday as Google will announce the integration of Lift Labs into the Google Life Sciences division which is a part of Google X project. It is not clear how much Google will slash out to make this deal but it is certain that the meeting will take place in Mountain View Headquarters where Google’s top breed and Lift labs founder along with their hand-picked employees will be present.
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Google is developing a system of drones to deliver goods

Google Project Wing drone

Amazon and Domino’s Pizza Inc. have already invested in the development of delivery drones to provide goods to their online customers. Adding to the competition, Google is also building a fleet of drones that will deliver goods to the people much faster. Named Project Wing, the idea behind the delivery drones comes from the house of Google’s “X” lab. A team led by Nick Roy, a MIT aeronautics professor has been working on this project for two years. However, the company believes it would take years to develop a fleet of fully-functional flying drones that could achieve multiple deliveries per day.
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Google’s self-driving vehicle sans any steering wheel or control pedals

Google self driving car

Google has been long working on self-driving cars that would autonomously take the passengers to their desired destination minus any road mishaps. As a part of Google X project this prototype of a self-driving car will have no steering wheel or pedals, unlike their previous self-driven versions that were actually normal vehicles made by Toyota and Lexus. This self-driven vehicle however is an independent prototype that has been built from scratch and can take the responsibility of driving even in crowded streets without a hitch.
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First real peep into the sci-fi future with Google’s Augmented Reality glasses

World is a small place, until just a couple of days back, we were hearing rumors about Google’s Augmented Reality glasses, and now just as we wake up from sleep, the glasses are closer to reality than ever before. Famed under an initiative called Project Glass, this is Google’s first attempt at wearable computing – which for more reasons than one, is the future of computing for us. The video here will give you a better understanding of what the world will be from behind the Google Glasses, but if you want a gist it then, the warp around glasses have a transparent lens that shows everything from text messages to mails and maps. The glasses send and receive messages through voice commands and are designed to take picture and record videos.
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