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Google’s quest for free internet access across the globe will begin shortly

Google SideWalk free internet

What do we crave for after our basic necessities? Definitely it’s internet and if you can get it for free, then there is nothing better. You do get free internet access at certain locations like restaurants and cafes but that is just a marketing strategy to lure-in more customers as the internet speed is not that satisfactory. Google is eyeing to change all that with its innovation startup SideWalk Labs which is promising an initiative for free internet across the globe.
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Striking announcements made at Google I/O Conference 2015

Striking announcements made at Google IO Conference

Google I/O Conference 2015 held in Moscone Center West, San Francisco just got concluded couple of days ago and there were many revelations that took us by surprise. Google has been trying to dominate the innovation and technology forefront with its acquisitions in the past and now it has another trick up its sleeve. That trick being, teaming up with renowned brands and successful innovative companies to come up with their own vision for the future. This year’s I/O keynote was totally focused on future of software applications, augmented reality and wearable technology which are fast becoming the corner stones of technology that is up for grabs in the near future. Here are some of the most eye-catchy and well-worth announcements that took place at Google I/O Conference 2015, read on to know the details.
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Google partners with Levis for fashionable conductive fabric clothing

Google project jacquard

Fabric embedded with smart sensors and other electronic to interact with your gadgets is rapidly gaining popularity, and it comes as no surprise that Google has revealed its iteration of smart fabric at the I/O Conference 2015. Dubbed as Project Jacquard, this is Google’s maiden attempt at capturing this niche section of the market that will revolutionize wearable technology.
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Google teams-up with GoPro to make the next big “Jump” in virtual reality

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

GoPro cameras assembled in a rig to capture stereoscopic imagery

Google is taking virtual reality very seriously, and just a few months after the Google Cardboard project was initiated, now we have “Jump”. It has partnered with GoPro to bring VR ecosystem to your hands with a 360 degree camera rig consisting of 16 Hero 4 cameras set at precise angle to capture the scene in stereoscopic imagery. Google has kept portability in mind, therefore the rig is quite compact to carry around.
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Google dives into the mobile network market with Project Fi

Google Project Fi

Google has jumped into the mobile phone network market with its launch of Project Fi offered for Nexus 6 smartphones in the U.S. This is a fresh start by Google to explore the opportunity to provide quality network to users for connecting and communicating in a seamless fashion. Having partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, Project Fi looks to provide the best network possible for demanding users. The search engine giant has developed a new technology that connects to the fastest network, be it your 4G LTE or WiFi for hitch free browsing on the web.
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April Fools’ Day – Gadgets and innovations that hoaxed the internet

April Fools' Day – Gadgets and innovations that hoaxed the internetApril Fools’ Day just passed by and we are glad that gadget manufacturers didn’t get the better of us. This day serves as a perfect occasion for major electronics manufacturers and other popular brands to come-up with their version of a parody that is aimed at fooling the masses. This April Fools’ Day we had our guard high which shielded us from falling for any such hoaxes. Perhaps, this is the ideal time to share some of the most convincing and hilarious April Fools’ Day gadgets and innovations that caught internet experts in the web.

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MWC 2015: Spiral 3 Google Project Ara phone coming to users soon!

Spiral 3 Google Project Ara phone

Google’s Project Ara has been a very ambitious attempt to make a modular smartphone that is highly customizable and gives the user freedom to make hardware changes whenever needed. Good news is that you might see the Google Ara Project in less than six weeks, as an equally ambitious Miami-based venture Yezz has adopted Google Ara as a platform for their component manufacturing and teaming up with Google for releasing the first phone dubbed Spiral 3.
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Apple plans to enter auto market with an electric car

Apple is working on an electric car

Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics industry that have conquered the market with their well-known hardware products. After delivering advanced technology gadgets such as Mac line of computers, iPod media players, iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablets to their consumers, the Cupertino, California-based technology giants have turned their attention towards the automotive industry now. Yes, you read it right! The company is currently working on an electric car. According to reports, Apple have hired several hundred of people including some from the auto industry as well to develop an electric car which will resemble a minivan.
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Google working on body odor eliminating wearable fan design

Google wearable portable fan

Sweating can be irritating and embarrassing at times, whether you have had an intense session in the gym or hit a purple patch during your athletic sessions. Body odor can be a real turn-off and it needs to be attended proactively to prevent any mortification. You can use deodorants or other body odor eliminating products, but they can last only a few hours. This has prompted Google to come-up with patent for a portable fan attached to the body that detects the signs of physical activity and immediately sprays fragrance with a cool dab of air.
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