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Hands-on review: Elephone EleCam 4K action camera fits right inside your budget

Review Elephone EleCam 4K Action Camera_5

So, it’s time for another hands-on review. This time, it is the Elephone EleCam 4K Action Camera that we get our hands onto, it is great for shooting all your action videos right from surfing, underwater adventures to scaling mountains on the dirt trails. This waterproof action camera has 170-degree FOV (Field Of View) which is enough to capture all your fun filled activities without missing out on things going in the peripheral vision. Much like the human eye, which has a similar FOV at 160-degree. The camera records in 4K which is great since ultra-HD has become standard shooting resolution these days.

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GoPro Hero5 Black and Session with voice control and cloud connectivity

GoPro HERO5_Black

It was a long time coming, and the GoPro Hero5 Black is finally announced. Alongside, GoPro has announced another action camera, this one called the Hero5 Session. Let’s discuss the two separately. First the much anticipated Hero5 Black. The next league in action cameras, this comes with a built-in GPS and takes voice commands; yes you can talk your GoPro to taking pictures and doing a whole lot of other things. Further, it supports a 2-inch touchscreen, and its 12MP camera can film in 4K at 30fps. There is also support for electronic image stabilization, and 1080p shooting at 120 frames per second. Read More…

GoPro’s six-camera Omni virtual reality rig to ship from August 17

CES GoPro Booth 2016

Filmmakers and high-end customers waiting for GoPro’s six-camera Omni virtual reality rig could have their pre-ordered units shipped beginning August 17. A considerable solution to shooting videos in 360-degree, the metal cube is designed to house six GoPro Hero4 Black cameras and comes with required hardware and software to create perfect 360-degree videos. At $5,000, the Omni may not be the best of consumer gadgets, but it’s a reasonably priced rig for filmmakers who can now shoot high-quality immersive videos in 360 degree at the most reasonable cost. Read More…

GoPro teases 360-degree shooting camera rig dubbed Omini

CES GoPro Booth 2016

GoPro has just announced its virtual reality camera rig dubbed Omini which houses 6 Hero4 Black cameras on each side to capture 360 degree footage in one go. The company has already shown their 360-degree shooting capabilities with the Odyssey rig which has 16 Hero4 Black cameras and costs a massive $15,000. Now with the Omini, GoPro wants to bring affordable 360-degree shooting to the consumers. Dare I say affordable as the rig plus cameras is going to cost anywhere in the region of $2,500 – $3,000 which is also a steep price tag. Although GoPro hasn’t yet officially revealed the price tag we are soon going to have that detail once they showcase it at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas from April 18-21.
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[Watch] GoPro drone captures smooth footage, of course with GoPro onboard

Almost all drones out there are tethered to GoPro for all kinds of aerial photography. What if the action camera company stuck up a GoPro to its own drone? The result would be as this video (above) beholds. GoPro is working on its own quadcopter, which may not be available before the first half of 2016, but would be a drone to look forward to. This two minute footage that has not been stabilized in post production shows just why. Read More…

15 spectacular wingsuit stunts that will make your heart pop-out

15 daredevil wingsuit stunts

The sport of wingsuit flying has gripped adventure junkies in the last decade or so for its sheer adrenaline rush inducing capabilities. Your wingsuit and body function as one to create enough surface area to increase lift and virtually fly like a bird. Some daredevil souls have perfected the art of wingsuit flying to the extreme levels where nothing can stop them. In today’s compilation of death-defying adventure sports we take a look at some of the most dangerous stunts performed while using a wingsuit. Sit back and watch these hair-raising wingsuit flights that will bring heart in your mouth!
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Affordable $200 GoPro Hero+ with Wi-Fi shoots full HD videos at 60fps

GoPro Hero+ affordable action camera

Wondered how many more GoPro Heroes would sell if the tiny action cam was slightly affordable? If you did and you were waiting for a cheaper version; GoPro has granted your wish in the GoPro Hero+ – a full HD video action camera with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a modest $200 price tag. Capturing and sharing immersive images and videos on the go was never so easy and affordable.   Read More…

This waterproof selfie stick shoots underwater footage with your GoPro

Waterproof selfie stick for GoPro

Good news for GoPro users has just arrived in the form of a waterproof selfie stick that can be taken underwater without any worries. This selfie stick mount for the GoPro has an in-built 6,700 mAh battery which extends the shooting time to almost 12 hours in one go. Polar Pro, known for its action sports and outdoor accessories has launched the PowerGrip H2O on Kickstarter and it looks on its way to getting funded on the crowd-funding platform.
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Whiz-kid sisters launch homemade craft to get a glimpse of space

Loki Lego Launcher

They haven’t even touched their teen years and these two sisters already know more about space and astronomy than you would know. Meet Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung aged 8 and 10 who have a passion for space science, and they proved it alright by launching their homemade craft to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, almost reaching 78,000 feet with a top speed of 110 km/h. That height apparently is achieved by a commercial aircraft carrier and it in itself is a great achievement when you consider their age!
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GoPro Odyssey 360-degree camera rig with 16 Hero4’s onboard

GoPro Odyssey-1

Google or Alphabet, if I may, is venturing into virtual reality far more fiercely than ever before. Back in May Google in partnership with GoPro had introduced us to “Jump” (how it was called back then) – a 360 degree camera rig comprising 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras that capture stereoscopic images. If you had seen the Jump back then and wanted to own one (for some reason) then feel lucky, Google and GoPro have divulged details of the camera and its coming soon. Read More…