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Drone captures aerial view of the Apple’s spaceship campus

Drone view of Apple Campus 2

The construction work at the Apple’s new massive spaceship campus is in progress and the estate will be completed by mid-2016. The site is currently sealed off for outsiders but that didn’t stop an Apple fan to get his eyes on the progress work. YouTuber, jmcminn managed to get an aerial view of Apple Campus 2 by flying a DJI Phantom 2 drone equipped with GoPro Hero 3+ over the campus. The eight minute video and the latest photos reveals circular walls have been erected around the perimeter of the building as the whole campus is starting to take shape.
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Stubilizer: The planet’s very first 3-axis head mount for GoPro Hero 3

Stubilizer head mount

When it comes to the realm of extreme photography, GoPro cameras already have better mounting features than most comparable outdoor portable camera systems. And, this time around, we have come across a cool contrivance that will make your GoPro experience even smoother. We are talking about the one and only ‘Stubilizer’, the world’s first 3-axis stabilizing helmet mount for GoPro Hero 3. About to commence its Kickstarter campaign by this month, the head mounting system is the brainchild of RockSolid Technologies. So what exactly are its advantages? Well, according to the designers, the Stubilizer will totally eschew the paraphernalia of wires, along with other external electronic contraptions, like computers and balance chargers. In other words, it will be a solid consumer based device that ‘flexibly’ comes to your rescue during those exhilarating photography sessions fueled by motion.

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