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Indian school dropout creates GPS embedded helmet gun for soldiers


Shyam Chaurasia from Indian city of Varanasi, who got famous with his pickpocket-proof jeans, has designed yet another tricky device – a helmet gun. Developed with a built-in GPS tracker, the bullet firing helmet is designed primarily for soldiers of the Indian army. Despite being a school dropout, Chaurasia is an electrical engineering lecturer, and has a fad for developing strange yet practical devices.  His remote-controlled helmet can shoot bullets at will and according to Chaurasia can protect soldiers against increasing threat from terror attacks. Read More…

Moochies smartwatch keeps track of your child at all times

Moochies smartwatch

We all love sporting gadgets and so do the kids who follow suite, virtually wanting to have their own smartphones/tablets. Smartwatches are the new trendy accessory that we all want to have this holiday season, so why treat the kids with any ordinary gifts? To break the jinx of modern day toys and gift your kids with a smartwatch which keeps them connected with you at all times is a very good idea. A British company has come-up with Moochies, a smartwatch tailor-made for kids that comes with calling features and many other features.
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Microsoft Band – Fitness tracker compatible with all major mobile device platforms

Microsoft Band fitness tracker

Microsoft has jumped into the bandwagon of wearable band that connects to your mobile devices by officially releasing the Microsoft Band powered by Microsoft Health which is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1, Android and iPhone devices. Just like other fitness tracking bands it keeps a track of your heart rate, calories burnt, sleep quality, GPS run mapping and also provides important notifications like email, messages and incoming calls from your smartphone.

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Never lose your pet ever again with Pod GPS tracking device

Pod GPS tracking device

For pet lovers the fear of losing their best friend can be very traumatic, especially when they get lost. Sebastian Langton had to go through the same experience with his loved cat Ringo, and that is when he decided to team up with Damien Cantelo to develop a GPS tracking device. Hence, came into existence the world’s smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker dubbed Pod that attaches to your pet’s collar for instant tracking via mobile devices. The GPS technology allows you to track your pet anywhere in the world, even if it is a few miles away or in another country for that matter.
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Safemate safety device lets you call, gives out coordinates via built-in GPS

With growing concern for safety, given the increasing atrocities against women and elders, a safety device that alerts security authorities is really needed. Devised with the same intention and aptly named as Safemate – a Norwegian company has created a security alarm that keeps track of your location via a built-in GPS tracker. The rechargeable Safemate in case of emergency, on press of a button, allows for two-way voice communication over mobile network and sends out GPS coordinates to make it easier for the ones on the other side of the call to locate you at the earliest. Read More…