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Gun disguised as an iPhone alarms authorities worldwide

Ideal Conceal Pistol_1

There are numerous cases for smartphones that make them look like completely unrelated props. For example, smartphone case that looks like a gun. But if there is a gun which looks like a smartphone, then that is a serious security issue. Last year we came across Ideal Conceal .380 caliber pistol which with the push of a button turns into a fatal weapon. That very gun has now stirred up authorities in America as the gun is going to be on sale in US next week.
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World’s first 1911 twin handguns made from 4.5 billion year old meteorite


Last year, Cabot Guns, the Rolls-Royce of firearms, had announced releasing twin 1911handguns made from Gibeon meteorite that had crashed on earth approx 4.5 billion year ago, and was discovered in Namibia in the 1830s. And the company did unveil twin handguns, nicknamed the “Big Bang Pistol Set” that are actually made from the said meteorite. Read More…

The Kunai Twister 2600 gun launches knife at breakneck speeds

Kunai Twister 2600 gun

Whenever Joerg Sprave makes something new, we are ready to pounce on it. And there is good reason for it. This master weapon maker is so good at it after all. His new creation is a rifled knife launcher which by the way is first of its kind and he has named it the ‘Kunai Twister 2600’. The weapon has a rail system which is powered by a battery drill for quickly rotating the knife and a slingshot mechanism pushes it forward in a spinning motion. Joerg admits that the DIY weapon is still in need for some improvements, and I’m sure he’ll get it sorted. Anyhow, watch the Kunai Twister 2600 in action below.
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Want replica 3D printed AK47 gun or Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle?

DIY 3D printed assult rifle replicas

3D printed things are slowly taking precedence over currently used manufacturing techniques for good reasons. Guns are no exception in some instances where people have taken the onus of making deadliest weapons for themselves. Designer Sergey Kolesnik has made a 3D printed AK47 as a gift for the players of massive multiplayer survival game ‘Rust’ which is developed by Facepunch Studios in Walsall, UK. The gun is a replica of AK47 used in the game and Sergey has managed to emulate it perfectly into a real one. Apparently, Sergey himself played the game set up in a post-apocalyptic environment in which 300 players can play simultaneously.
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Black Ops 3 Purifier emulated in a flame-throwing Lego replica

Black Ops 3 Purifier flamethrowing gun Lego replica

One weapon in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that was destined to have DIY remake is the Purifier Flamethrower. And it doesn’t surprise me that seasoned DIY’er [ZaziNombies] has made a functional one from Legos. They have managed to replicate the one shown in Black Ops 3 and its coolest bit, the flame-throwing action.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Bloodhound gun made from 250 Lego pieces

Lego Bloodhound gun

Call of Duty: Black Ops III first-person shooter just got released couple of weeks ago and it was only time before we came across a DIY gun themed on the weapons shown in the action game. Bloodhound snub-nosed semi-automatic revolver was something that would be last on the list though. However, [ZaziNombies LEGO Creations] came up with a surprise DIY that is all about making a Lego Bloodhound gun showcased initially in the Shadows of Evil zombies map Black Ops 3 game.
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DIYer builds a zapping laser gun that can fry your flesh!

laser gun by Patrick Priebe

No wonder Patrick Priebe is a much respected DIYer who always comes up with his own unique creations. Last time around it was an electric hammer, but his love for making futuristic weapons, guns in particular is hard to deny. Not surprising that now he has custom build a working replica of Jinx’s gun from the multi-player online battle arena video game League of Legends. The gun made from gold-painted aluminum and brass has a main white and blue LED in the barrel and two LEDs in the back.
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You’ll mistake Taurus CURVE handgun for a smartphone inside the pocket

Taurus CURVE semi automatic handgun

Taurus CURVE semi automatic handgun

Carrying around a pistol in your pocket never goes unnoticed due to its shape, so why not make a gun in the shape of a smartphone? Taurus, the acclaimed gun maker got the better of this thought and therefore has come up with a smartphone shaped handgun that can be carried around without the fear of getting noticed. Taurus CURVE is a body contoured .380 ACP that is ultra-comfortable to wear and carry around.
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Replica Destiny Thunderlord gun 3D printed, and it looks strikingly real

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

Remember Thunderlord, the exotic machine gun from the addictive FPS game Destiny? Well, Kirby Downey, an avid DIY’er and 3D printing enthusiast has come up with his own replica version of the Destiny Thunderlord machine gun, and it is quite impressive I must say. The gun consists of 45 different parts all of which are 3D printed with three different materials- PLA, Ninjaflex and carbon fiber. To be precise, the main body and bullet belt is made from PLA thermoplastic, stock made from Ninjaflex filament and rails made from carbon fiber material. The gun is a replica and doesn’t fire any rounds, thankfully.
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