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World’s first wearable gym provides apt resistance during workout

Bionic Resistance Shorts for gymming

One thing every gymmer knows is that resistance plays a very important role in the extent to which your muscles can flex. This helps reduce the lactic acid in muscles and option to increase size even more. But how exactly do you bring-in resistance while working out? One way is to wear tight fitting clothes. That can only help slightly, you need something more professional.
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Milan Furniture Fair 2015 – Technogym MyRun treadmill takes fitness to new geeky level

Technogym MyRun

At the Milan Furniture Fair 2015, Technogym has revealed their high end treadmill for the urban users who like everything cool. Technogym MyRun treadmill is designed by runners who crave advanced running experience with a whole lot of personalized programs and dynamic feedback on running techniques. The treadmill connects with your tablet to improve the way you walk and run, to provide a very unique experience of fitness regime.
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Underboob Sweat Absorber: Because no one likes sweating there

Underboob breast sweat absorber

Working out or performing any athletic activity for long duration means a lot of sweating, especially under the armpits and boobs. Under the armpits almost everyone sweats, but sweating under the boobs is a problem that many face while working out and it can be embarrassing at times. Worry no more as Fashion first Aid is out with a solution to the problem of underboob sweating with their Underboob Breast Sweat Absorber. Sweating under the breasts can result in sweat marks on your clothing which is quite embarrassing when you are working out in a unisex gym or performing athletic activates in mixed company.
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Beast wearable sensor keeps track of your workout in real time

Beast sensor

There are a host of smart wearable devices out there, which can assist you in keeping track of your fitness and workout. Latest to hit the collection is Beast, a sensor that keeps track of your workout and fitness and displays results in real time. By displaying how much you are pushing in the gym (while lifting weights or performing bodyweight exercises) in real time, the Beast makes it possible for users to remain motivated and avoid any wrong movement during the fitness routine. Read More…

Wearable Gymwatch sensor analyses your isolated muscle training program

Gymwatch sensor

Working out in the gym with full dedication surely ensures that you move one step closer to your long term goal of personal fitness and lean muscular body. But can you be sure that the amount of energy you are exerting in building up your muscles is put to good use? You could be doing things the wrong way, and at the end of the day getting disappointed about not achieving what you set out on doing. A coach can be of good help but to get a pin point analyses of your every single workout regime in the gymnasium you need technology by your side.
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VacuFit Thermal treadmill and elliptical exercise machine with infrared vacuum burns fat too

First of its kind in the world this exercise machine combines the goodness of elliptical stepper and IR radiation to get rid of all the extra fat on your body. Vacu Fit Thermal is the new mantra for fitness regime as it is has the features of a traditional treadmill or elliptical and a vacuum effect like fat burning property. Once you start walking the infrared mode also sets in and the rays heat the body fat and dilate it by increasing blood flow, improving tissue oxygenation and blood flow. Once your skin turns red meaning that oxygen-rich blood is flowing to the affected areas like stomach, buttock and thighs; the dual fitness regime benefits the user immensely. Unlike other fitness regimes Vacu Fit removes large amount of toxins from the body that lie in the deep layers of skin underneath.
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