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Bionic Nerf gun arm gives direction to an amputee’s shooting ability

What if you’re a Nerf Gun fan and you have hacker friends? Well, if you’re Nicolas Huchet, you can get a bionic Nerf Gun. A team of hackers called Hackerloop, based out of Paris and New York, has developed a bionic Nerf Gun for Nicolas who was left with a myoelectric prosthetic hand after an accident. The gun is designed to attach to an amputated arm and fire with muscle contraction. Read More…

Doom running on a chainsaw makes absolute sense

Chainsaw running Doom

Give DIY’ers a Raspberry Pi and they’ll come up with things you never imagined before. Like playing Doom 2 on a chainsaw. That is exactly what George Merlocco did, and dubbed it Painsaw. A Doom game fan, George modded an Echo Junior Chainsaw Toy to power it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. He also used the Chocolate Doom source port to replicate the first series of Doom released in early 1990s.
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Apple Watch hacked to run Windows 95 OS, nostalgia strikes!

Apple Watch running Windows 95 OS_2

Apple Watch might be more looks and style rather than functionality based smartwatch, but still the brand name keeps it alive. For that very reason, Apple Watch is popular accessory to adorn. Now a geek has managed to hack Apple Watch’s software and run Windows 95 operating system on it. Yes, developer Nick Lee has posted a video on Youtube and elaborated about this hack in a blog post, showing the method for doing so. Since, Apple Watch hardware specifications are much more than what is required to run the Windows 95 OS, Lee decided to give it a shot.
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Playing Flappy Bird on e-cigarette will make you forget smoking

Flappy Bird on e-cigarette

Flappy Bird, the game we all loved to hate flooded internet with all the news couple of years ago. The game that made many lose their temper or even pass out (alright that was a bit too much) broke all records. A simple game that rocked the world, and that too on crap graphics and design. Now a guy has ported the freaky game onto an eVic-VTC Mini e-cigarette, and its freakin’ cool. Balázs Bánk demonstrate how he plays Flappy Bird on the tiny screen without much problem, and let’s admit, it gives the same anxiety as the original smartphone version.
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Tennis racket hacked to play grunting sounds while hitting hard shots

Grunting Tennis Racket

Lawn tennis as a game is one of the most gripping in sports and player’s grunting at the swing of every powerful shot is one of its charming aspect. But grunting also uses up lot of your energy and if you want to have that signature grunt while playing just for fun, this DIY will interest you. Seiya Kobayashi wanted to bring the grunting of players like Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novan Djokovic to the tennis racket. So, he decided to make a custom tennis racket which emulated the grunt of tennis players.
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Blowing idea: Dad attaches leaf blower to son’s Power Wheels truck [Video]

Leaf blower attached to Power wheels

When was the last time you allowed your kid to handle a leaf blower for you? Most of us would say never. That’s how it’s been, simply because as dads we fear kids mishandling the tool, so we keep them away. But fearless dad Jarrad Provost worked smart and attached a leaf blower to his son’s Power Wheels truck, safety assured. The nifty little act allows little Provost to drive through their yard blowing away all the fall leaves, while daddy Provost relaxes in the couch. While you feel inspired, and stick up a leaf blower to your kid’s vehicle – check out the video below to see how Provost Jr. fairs with the task at hand. Read More…

Suspected Chinese malware affects Apple App Store in a major security breach

Apple app store hack

Apple invests a lot of time, effort and finances in making sure that its services/products are ultra-secure from hackers and other activities. But Apple has some answering to do as their first ever major security breach of the Apple App Store has left many doubts in the mind of Apple users. The malware codenamed XcodeGhost has been found in many apps and it can potentially damage iOS and Mac devices.
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PS4 controller customized for a gamer with muscular dystrophy

Custom built PS4 controllor by Caleb Kraft

It’s not at surprising to know that playing video games can be practically difficult for ones with physical disabilities. Should some sort of inability restrict the differently abled from playing their favorite video games? Not at all! Thanks to some industrious tinkerers, hackers and modders like Caleb Kraft; game controllers are being tweaked to help disabled gamers play games with ease. After his custom built game controller for Thomas with muscular dystrophy; Caleb Kraft has recently modded PS4 controller for one Johel, who also suffers with muscular dystrophy. Read More…

iOS 4.2.1 running on Apple Watch via a hack by teenager

Apple Watch running iOS 4.2.1

Couple of days back we saw iOS developer Hamza Sood come-up with a hack that allows the user to run custom watch faces on Apple Watch which was cool. Now a 14-year-old is stealing the limelight with an interesting hack. Billy Alice has managed to run iOS 4.2.1 on Apple Watch by installing a custom emulator. The nostalgic old-school iPhone homescreen unlocks to show the operating system running magically on the smartwatch instead of the customary watchOS 1.0.1.
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Finally, Apple Watch is hacked to display custom watch faces

Apple Watch hack display custom watch faces

Many of us believe Apple should have allowed customizable Apple Watch faces. That hasn’t happened, and third party developers have no option to create watch faces for the Apple Watch. Since, there is still time for an official update from the Cupertino giant – iOS developer Hamza Sood has taken the liberty to tinker with the Apple Watch and custom design watch faces, which are uploaded to the Apple Watch after some ‘haxx’. Sood tweeted video of his custom animation which provides new faces to the Apple Watch in multiple color options. Read More…