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How to protect yourself from wireless payment thefts

Wireless Payment Security_1

Wireless payments have been on the rise for quite a while now. It offers vendors and consumers more freedom and flexibility, and makes shopping even more convenient. Nowadays, you don’t even have to put in your pin number anymore when you’re paying by card or even via smartphone. Where this payment method is available, it’ll be indicated by the contactless payment symbol near the card reader at the check-out. But how does this technology work and how safe is it?

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Is your email safe from hackers?

Secure Email, Email Security

There are 74 trillion emails sent every year, making it one of the most prolific communication formats in the world. Recently, Microsoft published a list of some of the most common email security problems happening today – and many are ones that people completely ignore or don’t know exist.

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Why hackers love XSS attacks, and how to stop them

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks

When it comes to cross-site scripting or XSS attacks, it may seem challenging to feel as though you’re imparting any new information. After all, XSS attacks are one of the oldest as well as one of the most common types of attacks in the entirety of the internet. The XSS story has been written again and again.

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Apple Watch hacked to run Windows 95 OS, nostalgia strikes!

Apple Watch running Windows 95 OS_2

Apple Watch might be more looks and style rather than functionality based smartwatch, but still the brand name keeps it alive. For that very reason, Apple Watch is popular accessory to adorn. Now a geek has managed to hack Apple Watch’s software and run Windows 95 operating system on it. Yes, developer Nick Lee has posted a video on Youtube and elaborated about this hack in a blog post, showing the method for doing so. Since, Apple Watch hardware specifications are much more than what is required to run the Windows 95 OS, Lee decided to give it a shot.
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3 devices that are vulnerable to hacking

Gadgets hacking

Connecting devices like your computer, your phone, and your TV to the internet makes information a lot easier to access, but it also leaves you vulnerable to hackers. In a world dominated by IoT, you cannot be sure who’s snooping in on your modern devices. Having a password or a PIN on your home Wi-Fi network, at a bank machine, or for an online purchase should prevent valuable identity information from being stolen, but are you sure you’re fully protected? Here are three devices you might not realize can be hacked right now.
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Hacker invents self-driving car software package that’ll cost just $1000

George Hotz self driving car_1

Tesla Motors already has a strong foot-print in the electric cars section and their technology is hard to reach and implement for other manufacturers. However, 26-year old star hacker George Hotz has taken the first step towards making his own self-driving car. He has been building the self-driving technology on his 2016 Acura ILX car for about a month in his garage and so far he has been able to drive it through the San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood and the Interstate 280 autonomously. That’s impressive for the little time he has taken to tinker with the car. George believes that he is going to be the next multi-billionaire CEO and his self-driving car package will cost just $1000.
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Suspected Chinese malware affects Apple App Store in a major security breach

Apple app store hack

Apple invests a lot of time, effort and finances in making sure that its services/products are ultra-secure from hackers and other activities. But Apple has some answering to do as their first ever major security breach of the Apple App Store has left many doubts in the mind of Apple users. The malware codenamed XcodeGhost has been found in many apps and it can potentially damage iOS and Mac devices.
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iOS 4.2.1 running on Apple Watch via a hack by teenager

Apple Watch running iOS 4.2.1

Couple of days back we saw iOS developer Hamza Sood come-up with a hack that allows the user to run custom watch faces on Apple Watch which was cool. Now a 14-year-old is stealing the limelight with an interesting hack. Billy Alice has managed to run iOS 4.2.1 on Apple Watch by installing a custom emulator. The nostalgic old-school iPhone homescreen unlocks to show the operating system running magically on the smartwatch instead of the customary watchOS 1.0.1.
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Thunderstrike 2 – Malware that attacks MacBook firmware deflates Apple’s security claims

Thunderstrike 2 MacBook attack

When we compare Windows and Mac PC for security aspect, the latter is far beyond hackers reach. But that notion has changed drastically with a new revelation by security experts who believe that the firmware that can attack other operating systems can be modified and targeted to hit Mac’s too. To prove their point they have designed a proof-of-concept worm which spreads from one MacBook to the other very easily.
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World Cyber War is brewing up, watch it in real-time!

World Cyber attack live map

We humans have taken territorial wars too far in the past and there is no doubt a global war is inevitable any time soon. The world has come to global war twice in the past and we are staring down a third one, believe you me. The criteria and the battlefield won’t be the same however in this global massacre. Why I say it? Well, terrorism and fight for global dominance is going to be so much more than just fighting it out on the battlefield with modern warfare and nuclear weapons. A much more potent weapon is going to change the complexion of war.

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