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HandEnergy uses the power of your body to charge gadgets


There is nothing more sickening than running out of battery on your smartphone, camera or a flashlight, especially when you are not close to the grid. Even if you have the charger along, and don’t find a power outlet nearby, you feel handicapped as you cannot charge your device. Enter, HandEnergy, a ball-shaped pocket electricity generator that lets you charge your smart device with nothing more than the power of your body. The HandEnergy is fitted with a metal coil, magnets and battery – the battery on the device can be charged by rotating it with the hand and the power can then be used to charge a gadget of choice. Read More…

Mipwr Dynamo iPhone5/5S case with hand powered 400 mA battery

Mipwr Dynamo protective case with battery and hybrid charger

Is there a chance that you go hiking or cruising or get stuck outdoors with no power on the smartphone? Well, iPhone users who get caught up without power on the go, now have a reason to exult, they would soon have Mipwr Dynamo as great addition to their emergency kit. Mipwr Dynamo is an iPhone 5/5S protective case with a 400 mA backup battery and hybrid charger. The case uses electromagnetic induction to create additional power when mobile users need it. Read More…