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Portable Bixi lets you command multiple smart devices through gestures

Bixi Touch Free Control

We have been watching fabulous and highly advanced lab of Tony Stark in which he controls every device or interface with swift in-air-hand gestures. Electronic manufactures are on it to make gesture-control a reality. Bixi is the new candidate offering touch-free and wireless control of Internet of Things devices and gadgets by processing user’s intuitive hand-gestures. The developers have synthesized the technology into a small, portable hexagonal device. It can control multiple devices like controlling smart-phones, displays, e-book readers, smart-home functions and Apps including Spotify, Ibooks, Youtube etc.  using FITTT Channel. Read More…

VTouch gesture-based interactive displays for cars to arrive in 2017    

VTouch gesture based display

Introduction of user-friendly digital displays and interfaces in automotive industry begun a decade ago. Currently, exotic-looking heads-up displays are available in high-end vehicles like BMW or Tesla. However, Seoul-based startup VTouch now claims to make gesture-based interactive displays commercially available for low-end automakers by the end of 2017. Read More…

Sony’s Future Lab Program develops Interactive Tabletop and voice-assisted headphones

Sony Interactive Tabletop projector

Sony wants to stay abreast the race for fashion-forward wearables that solve some inherent purpose. For this they have formed a new R&D outfit called Future Lab Program and they demonstrated a couple of prototype gadgets of the future at the SXSW event in Austin. One of these is a neck-worn Bluetooth headphone which is more of a multi-directional speaker and the other one an Interactive Tabletop projector that turns any surface into a touch-sensitive display. For now each one of these is a prototype and Sony hasn’t shed any light on whether they are going to get into production stage.
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CES 2015: Garmin announces hands-free GPS navigator and upbeat smartwatch

Garmin Epix hands free GPS navigation device and Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch

CES 2015 has just got underway and at this mega event Garmin has come-up with its line-up of wearables, multi-sport watches and much more. What caught our eye are the two products namely; Garmin Epix and Garmin Vivoactive. One is a GPS mapping watch that boasts-of its hand-free navigation aesthetics and the other one which is a GPS smartwatch with built-in sports and activity tracking apps.
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Korean researchers create the K-Glass, an HMD with higher energy efficiency

K-Glass HMD by Korean reseachers

With the brewing interest and brouhaha over Google Glass in the past few months, it comes as no surprise that there are comparable HMD technologies that are up in arms to compete against the internet giant. The K-Glass designed by the researchers at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) can certainly be counted among these band of competitors. However. the hands-free contrivance does stand out in few crucial aspects, especially when it comes to its energy efficiency scope. In fact, the wearable is touted to consume about 76 percent less power than ‘other devices’, with its effective power-train fueled by a 65nm augmented reality chip. In terms of solid figures, the K-Glass has the peak capacity of achieving 1.22 TOPS (tera-operations per second) at 250 MHz, which amounts to 778mW on a 1.2V power supply.

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Ultra sleek SMH10R Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Headset and Intercom

Sena Technologies, a specialist in Bluetooth devices for motorcycles and outdoor has revealed their latest ultra-sleek and aerodynamic Bluetooth headset which is as small as a United States quarter. SMH10R Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom works on the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology and enhanced digital processing technology, providing you hand-free listening comfort while driving a motorcycle, bike or car. Apart from bringing hand-free calling capability while riding it can also be used to listen to music or listen to navigation instructions via the GPS navigator because of the integrated audio boosters. There is a four-way conference intercom facility too which adds to the existent functionality.
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