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Make this funny LED Christmas hat at home for less than $10

LED Chirstmas Hat

It’s December, and people are already getting in the mood for the festive season with DIY creations which are eye-catchy. Some are making cool Christmas trees while others beautifying their interiors and exteriors in festive spirit. So what do you expect from a geek to this Christmas? Maybe a hat embellished with lighting all over. And that is exactly what Imgur user [dstilgar] has come up with. The DIYer got hold of last year’s 30-inch tall hat he bought from Primark for $3, and turned it into a geeky wearable for this Christmas Eve.
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LifeBEAM Hat is your waterproof fitness tracker suited for any conditions

LifeBEAM Hat

Taking wearable technology into new realms is this Biometric Hat by Israeli biometric developer LifeBEAM which is your fitness tracker, cadence analyzer, heart-rate monitor and calorie counter all-in-one. You can wear this smart headwear which is available for pre-order and soon will be available by sports retailers in more than 30 countries. No need to sport any wristbands and fancy fitness trackers since your cap is now going to do all the analysis as you sweat it out.
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Fashionable NEUROTiQ headgear can read the wearer’s brain

NEUROTiQ headwear by Sensoree

Integrating fashion with the latest technology seems to be the new mantra of designers. Sensoree, a collective of designers and artists have created NEUROTiQ, a unique headgear that besides acting as a fashionable hat also measures the state of mind of the wearer. Giving an impression of a cobweb, the high-tech fashion accessory is packed with an Emotiv EPOC EEG sensor outfitted with nylon knitting and features 14 glowing globules that sense and interpret brain wave patterns. NEUROTiQ headwear was recently unveiled at the New York Fashion Week.
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Acer creates flashy Selfie-Hat for London Fashion Week

Acer Selfie-Hat

The most common use of smartphones today is clicking selfies. But, who needs a smartphone when your hat can click selfies for you? Well, that’s what Taiwanese electronics company Acer have made possible with the creation of the Selfie-Hat in partnership with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis. Termed as a one-of-a-kind couture hat, this unique headpiece is a huge glittery pink sombrero that features a fold-down flap integrated with Acer’s Iconia A-1 840 tablet. The face of the tablet is directed towards the wearer who can spin the hat to set different angles as per his choice for shooting a selfie.
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Thought Google Glass was amazing, check out the Hattrickwear

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat

Why do you think smartphones are getting lighter by the day? Probably so that one day you could slot one into the long brim of a hat to create your own heads-up display without adding weight on your head. Such is an idea conceived by Omar Isaac. He has introduced the Hattrickwear, an augmented reality hat, which has an extension to slot a mobile device. This allows the user to interact with the device’s screen and camera using pair of prism that reflect the screen into view. Read More…

Become invisible to surveillance cameras with the Justice Cap

Justice Caps

Freedom is everything, and while you walk on the streets your freedom could be impeached by surveillance cameras and face recognition cameras put in place by the authority. If you don’t want to reveal much about your identity, and lead a secretive life the only option left is to not leave the secure perimeters of your house. Or perhaps you could get yourself a Justice Cap. A cap that makes your face unidentifiable to surveillance cameras. More like a baseball hat, the Justice Cap has a set of LEDs on top that has anti-camera technology to white out your face whenever a camera is trying to recognize your face.
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A DIY hat cooler with fan to beat your summer blues

DIY hat cooler with fan

A few days ago we talked about the Japanese neck cooler. And, now we have come across another ‘personal cooling mechanism’ which is literally at a higher level – a DIY hat cooler to beat out the summer blues. Coming with its very own built-in fan, the fun and relative easy-to-make project was conceived by littlebits. In terms of materials, the hat cooler only requires a bend sensor, a small fan and power Bit. Of course, you also have to have a hat (preferably a one that you won’t miss that much) along with some basic sewing knowledge.

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MSA-Gard GRN Hard Hat: Safety hat made from sugarcane material

Hard Hat made from sugarcane material

MSA, a Pittsburgh-based safety equipment manufacturer has come up with MSA-Gard GRN Hard Hat industrial safety product made from renewable material. Hard Hat is in fact made from sugar, to be precise sugarcane ethanol which has a very small carbon footprint. Just like any other safety hat for work, the Hard Hat provides your head protection without any compromise which makes this product desirable on all counts. And if you might be wondering that does it taste sweet? Then the answer to that would be no.
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