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It doesn’t get any stylish than these 3D printed V-Moda headphones

3D printed V Moda headphones

3D printed V Moda headphones look funky and cool

A die hard music fan and you would settle for any ordinary headphones? I don’t think so. This pals is a collection of 3D printed sleeves for the popular V-Moda headphones that can be totally customized for its look, take that for a funky looking pair of earpieces. The user has the option to remove the shields anytime he/she wants from these headphones that are a big hit with famous DJs around the world like Avicii, Tiesto and Claude. Perhaps, adding a bit of your own style lends these music machines a needed smart look that can rival any gadget for looks.
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CES 2015: HARMAN introduces AKG N90 headphones designed by Grammy winner Quincy Jones

AKG N90Q Auto-calibrating, Noise-canceling Headphones at CES 2015

AKG N90Q Auto-calibrating, Noise-canceling Headphones at CES 2015

HARMAN, American audio and infotainment equipment company have announced the world’s first headphone with personalized sound at the Consumer Electronics Show. Dubbed AKG N90Q, the headphones are inspired and blessed by legendary Grammy winner Quincy Jones. The musician has been associated with HARMAN from the past five years and is very excited to add the AKG N90Q to his signature line of headphones. He believed that the enhanced experience offered by these headphones will mesmerize the listener with rich sound and customization that he’ll feel to be in a professional recording room. Kidada Jones, Quincy’s daughter was involved in designing these cool headphones. She is the one who selected key materials to deliver a premium look and feel along with establishing the overall aesthetic of the N90Q headphones.
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Greater Than wearable flushes out negative thoughts from your mind

Greater Than wearable earpiece

Greater Than wearable earpiece relaxes your mind

These days everyone is plugged-in with their earphones and headphones to de-stress themselves from the tension seeping-in. With all the smart wearable technology around, somewhere the missing link was a smart earphone/headphone that automatically detects your brain signals to play the requisite music loops for relaxation. Greater Than is that very wearable gadget which has a built-in EEG sensor to measure the electrical singal coming from your brain. After the reading is done, the bone conducting speakers play back the musical loop (from many on-board) that puts you in a state of calm.
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Muzik smart headphones post track you’re listening to as status on Facebook

Muzik smart headphones

After the samrtphones, smart TVs, smart cars and all things smart we have seen in the smart world, headphones were the last thing we’d thought would reach the smart tag so soon. Nonetheless, Muzik smart headphones are out there to change our perception and force us to accept them as the new rage in audio enhancement.  Courtesy its built-in social software, the Muzik headphones are first pair of headies ever built that allow audiophiles to share the track they are listening to on social networks directly.

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OnBeat solar powered headphones also charge your smartphones

OnBeat solar powered headphones 3

Previously we have harped about solar powered cellphone chargers and even solar powered Bluetooth speakers. And, this time around, we have come across an equally ‘green’ conception that sort of combines the applications of both a charger and a speaker. We are of course talking about the newly released OnBeat solar powered headphone set. Tapping into the nigh perpetual realm of solar energy, these handy headphones can charge your smartphone, while you are busy listening to your favorite music, watching your choicest videos or even playing your precious games.

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