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A 72-year-old Japanese man builds special wheelchair to take his wife on walks

Japanese man builds special Wheelchair
“Elders are archaic” is a general notion, but it’s not entirely applicable to those who are motivated by love. We had seen a Indian youth building a voice-controlled wheelchair for his grandfather. Now, we have Mr Tan Ban Ho, a 72-years-old retiree who has designed and assembled a set-up involving a wheelchair and a $600 unicycle. Now, he can take his wife on walks everyday without worrying about his own exertion as he is old too. He is a retired ITE lecture (electronics) and he used his experience to find this solution. The setup is working perfectly for the couple. Read More…

First delivery drones commissioned to transport blood to hospitals in Rwanda

Zipline Zips delivery drones in Rwanda

We have seen drones deliver packages from Amazon and Burrito, but these delivery drones commissioned in Rwanda are for real and backed by the government for a purpose. Developed by Zipline – a San Francisco-based startup in collaboration with the government, the drones called Zips will be used to deliver blood to patients in Western Rwanda. The rural region has 21 transfusing centers but it has remained aloof of appropriate healthcare because of poor accessibility. Read More…

Boltt fitness tracker comes with AI-based personal coach

Boltt fitness tracker

These days, the market is flooded with new age health and fitness equipment which promise to make you smarter. But do they all work, as they are portrayed to? That is something which forces the user to give up on such wearables over time. All the data collected from fitness trackers, sleep trackers or other wearables is of no use if it means nothing much to you. To change this, a sports technology startup has something that’s a tad different from the rest.
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Pen-like Thermos thermometer takes temperature with swipe across the forehead

Thermo thermometer

Thermometers that use noninvasive methods to take temperature can be found dime a dozen, but there are none like the Thremo released by health technology company Withings. The new thermometer simply needs to be scanned across the forehead to take temperature – it’s easy, quick and least uncomfortable. Thermo can take reading from up to a centimeter from the skin, so you can check your baby’s temperature even without touching her. Read More…

Shock Clock electroshocks you to wake up in the morning

Shock Clock wearable

One common problem that we all face in the morning is getting out of the bed. In that dozed phase, nothing seems more important than nestling in the cozy comfort and losing yourself into sleep again. You can have alarms to wake yourself up in the morning, but you also have the option to shut it down or hit the snooze button. Nobody, but you can stop yourself from ignoring the alarm. That however could change with the Shock Clock by Pavlok Shock Clock, currently up on Indiegogo for funding.
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World’s first 3D fitness tracker by Naked Labs now available for $499

3D Body scanner for fitness

One reason electronics are making fitness nuts crazy is the availability of apps and sensors integrated into portable devices to keep correct record of fitness data. Naked is world’s first of its kind 3D fitness tracker that resembles a common full-length mirror, but it has replaced simple mirror with a 3D scanner mirror. The scanner features bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a companion mobile app for iOS and Android users. Read More…

AliveCor’s Kardia Apple Watch band promises to take care of your heart

AliveCor Kardia band for Apple watch

AliveCor has developed what is the first medical-grade electrocardiogram (EKG) band for the Apple Watch. The band is designed for anyone who wants to keep regular check of their heart rate. The Kardia band with assistance from a dedicated Kardia Watch app (Android and iOS) lets an individual take heart rate reading on a press of a sensor. In addition the Apple Watch band can detect Atrial Fibrillation (abnormal heart beating) a major cause of stroke. Read More…

PillBox: World’s first modular pill dispenser for individuals and healthcare organizations

Pillbox medication dispenser_1

Keeping a track of the right pills to take can be a bit of hassle for elderly who are suffering from multiple problems. Especially when it is about taking multiple pills at specified times of the day. To counter this problem, a Polish startup company dr Pocket has come-up with PillBox, a smart med dispenser which connects to your new age gadgets. The pill dispenser is unlike any other pill dispenser as it has a central control unit which needs to be filled with all the medicines, and it automatically dispenses the right pill at the right time.
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Smart shoe sole prevents diabetes ulcers from developing in the foot

Smart shoe Sole for diabetic ulcers_2

Diabetes is a dangerous condition which can lead to other complications which is worse cases leads to amputation of the foot or even fatality. To prevent such horrendous after-effects of a major diabetic attack, the researchers at EPFL’s Integrated Actuators Laboratory in collaboration with Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have developed a smart shoe sole which prevents the development of diabetic foot ulcers or inhibits the present ones from worsening. This is done by valves in the sole which electronically control the pressure applied to the foot arch. Actuators control the stiffness of the sole to drastically reduce the chances of developing diabetic foot ulcers.
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Researchers develop sweat analyzing wearable for precise health monitoring

Sweatbit wearable health monitor

Sweat can tell lot about a person’s health and quite often we ignore the signs like constant odor or color in sweat. According to experts sweat contains chemicals, electrolytes, proteins and heavy metals which when studied can reveal a person’s internal health as well as hydration levels. Researchers at University of California, Berkley have developed a sensor-enabled wearable which analyses person’s sweat and based on it gives health stats and also physiology insights. That means tracking of body functions in depth, and the use of this wearable will span beyond fitness tracking. It will be used in medical field to know about patient’s body functions in detail.
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