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Researchers develop sweat analyzing wearable for precise health monitoring

Sweatbit wearable health monitor

Sweat can tell lot about a person’s health and quite often we ignore the signs like constant odor or color in sweat. According to experts sweat contains chemicals, electrolytes, proteins and heavy metals which when studied can reveal a person’s internal health as well as hydration levels. Researchers at University of California, Berkley have developed a sensor-enabled wearable which analyses person’s sweat and based on it gives health stats and also physiology insights. That means tracking of body functions in depth, and the use of this wearable will span beyond fitness tracking. It will be used in medical field to know about patient’s body functions in detail.
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Babybe keeps newborns connected to their mothers during artificial incubation

Babybe bionic mattress

About 12 percent of all births are premature where preterm babies have to spend several weeks in incubator machines away from their mothers. However, studies have shown that early contact between a newly born baby and her mother can improve self-regulation of the baby’s system and enhance emotional bonding. So, to keep mothers and babies connected through the process of artificial incubation, a startup founded by engineer Raphael Langand and an industrial designer Camilo Anabálon have invented a bionic mattress named Babybe. The emotional prosthetics brings haptic information from the mother to the baby in real time, thus making the environment less stressing for the infant inside the incubator.
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DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer at early stages

DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer

Having cancer can be the worst thing that can happen to an individual and if it is skin cancer then it is even worse. Efforts to detect skin cancer at the earliest possible stage is something that researchers around the globe are looking for, and Hyperspectral Camera is one example of that. And now George Zouridakis, a professor of engineering technology at the University of Houston has developed an app that uses your iPhone as a skin cancer detector. DermoScreen app that functions with an accessory that goes by the name Dermoscope, magnifies the iPhone camera view and tracks for any signs of melanoma.
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