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Garmin Vivofit Jr. fitness tracker for kids

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker

Problem with majority of kids out there is that they can’t get enough of their smartphones. It is their Holy Grail gadget which satisfies most of their needs right from gaming to watching videos. But it is also making them more lazy and non-interested in actual pay activities which are good for body and brain. Garmin wants to change that with a fitness tracker for kids that turns daily activities into fun, making them more active and intelligent.
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Boltt fitness tracker comes with AI-based personal coach

Boltt fitness tracker

These days, the market is flooded with new age health and fitness equipment which promise to make you smarter. But do they all work, as they are portrayed to? That is something which forces the user to give up on such wearables over time. All the data collected from fitness trackers, sleep trackers or other wearables is of no use if it means nothing much to you. To change this, a sports technology startup has something that’s a tad different from the rest.
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Temporary Biometric Tattoo tracks your health stats in real-time

Chaotic moon Biometric Tattoo

Wearable technology is hitting us all in a big way and it won’t be surprising if it is the next big revolution. Some might even say that it is already a revolution with wearables changing the complexion of electronic gadgets. Sensor-enabled tattoos and electronic ink have already given us a reason to believe that wearable tech is going to be our second skin in the near future. For example the skin thermometer tattoo or sweat monitoring tattoo. Austin-based company Chaotic Moon is developing a prototype that will be loaded with sensors for collecting all the vital data from your body for prime health and fitness.
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INYU: Wearable device that measures physical and emotional health

INYU wearable device tracks emotional health

INYU wearable device tracks emotional health

This is “The Inner You” (INYU) which is a wearable device that measures your bio-signals to gauge the emotional levels of a person at any given point. The device is co-developed by Srinivasan Murali, co-founder and CEO of Switzerland-based SmartCardia. INYU is based on a research from the Embedded Systems Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and is primarily designed to track Electrocardiogram (ECG), breathing and other key vital biological functions of the user to get timely feedback on any treatment that might be needed to cure an illness.
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Epson introduces Runsene GPS health tracking watch series

Epson Runsene GPS watch  4

Epson has already delivered some fine sports watches for health tracking. Soon, Epson will be rolling out its new Runsense GPS watches and Pulsense heart rate activity monitor. Starting from November, Runsense will be available in three models, SF-310, SF-510 and SF-810 staring at 180 euros. SF-810 is the top model and is expensive than other two watches in the same series. Read More…

Is Apple iWatch health-tracking smartwatch just around the corner?

Apple iWatch smartwatch

Apple iWatch smartwatch and health fitness tracking wearable device might be just around the corner as they hinted on an upgraded operating system for mobile devices at the WWDC 2014. Although Apple didn’t say much about the exact wearables they are developing but all the pieces of the puzzle point towards a smartwatch that is going to be one step above all the other smartwatches currently on offer. Everything that Apple hinted at WWDC 2014 pin-points towards the iWatch which is going to be a high-end health tracking device with all the upbeat features of a cool smartwatch. By all probability we could see Apple iWatch smartwatch be revealed in the month of October by Apple.
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FDA approved Smart Pill monitors body functions for proactive healthcare

Proteus Digital Health Smart pill

Digestible pills with embedded computer chip could be the future of medical applications to track patient’s health with utmost precision and register any signs of major health issues at initial stages. The pill developed by Proteus Digital Health a.k.a Digital health feedback system, has magnesium and copper that is powered by body fluid, and activates as soon as it reaches your stomach. This pill is used for tracking overall body health, sleep patterns, heart rate, temperature and other information vital in determining a person’s overall wellness.
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Smart Contact lens measures blood glucose level of diabetes patient

Smart Contact Lens for blood glucose level measurement in diabetes patients

Diabetes is one ailment that brings with it many other health (short and long term) risks and needs to be taken care of very carefully. But having diabetes is not that hard to monitor and cure as you require to keep on checking your blood’s glucose level. It is like having an extra task to deal with every day and several times a day which can be really difficult as you have to take blood sample readings. It can be really hard to do over and over again for months and even years so there needs to be a way that is much simpler and doesn’t disrupt the normal routine of a person’s daily life. Google[x] has developed a prototype of a very new way of keeping up to the minute check on blood sugar levels courtesy micro-electronics including chips and sensors.
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