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Carat Pro wireless earbuds coach you on the go

Carat Pro wireless earbuds_1

Samsung has shown what wireless earbuds need to be like, and that said, things are only going to get better in the future. It is certain that your wireless earbuds will be mostly used during fitness activities, and designing them for such activities will reap profits for manufacturers. Since the market for wireless earbuds is still wide open, start-ups are investing their time in developing fitness centric wireless earbuds.
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Jabra outs high-performance wireless earbuds with heart rate monitor

Jabra Elite Sport hear rate monitoring earbuds

Wireless earbuds and earphones have changed the face of audio entertainment for good. Now, earbuds such as Samsung Gear IconX and the recently launched Elite Sport by Jabra are putting equal focus on audio and fitness. Designed with a near accurate heart rate monitor within, Jabra Elite Sport features an intelligent voice coach that helps you train better and enjoy music simultaneously. The waterproof earbuds promise three hours of playback and come with a carrying case that doubles as a charger to enhance playtime to nine hours. Read More…

MWC 2016: Stylish Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR fitness tracking wearables

Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR fitness and health trackers

Garmin has always been known for no nonsense fitness tracking equipment and gadgets, but making a transition to the more stylish ones is good news for buyers. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016 Garmin revealed its new age wearables for fitness and health tracking. It was good to see the refreshing new wearables in a good looking avatar. So let’s have a more insight on Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR.
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Best heart rate monitoring fitness wearables and smartwatches

Adidas Micoach Fit Smart

Personal fitness trackers and smartwatches have come a long way in helping you lead a healthy life. Whether your fitness goals are modest or you’re planning an overall health transformation, fitness wearables are best way to understand if exercise regime you’re following is actually contributing to the new you. These devices and their dedicated apps give you a wholesome insight on your sleep, walk, run, calorie consumption, blood pressure and most importantly the heart rate. As more and more wrist-based heart rate monitors are hitting the market, it’s important to know the best heart rate monitoring fitness wearables and smartwatches you can buy. Read More…

MWC 2015: Huawei Watch is an impressive Android Wear smartwatch

Huawei Watch Mobile World Congress 2015

Huawei has released their first ever smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, and it is damn impressive. Matching Moto 360 smartwatch in the looks, the Huawei Watch is a stunner, and dare I say it is even better than other smartwatches in the market. With a classic analog watch design, this smartwatch also doubles as a fitness tracker by analyzing your heart rate and other activities. The 1.2GHz Qualcomm APQ8026 smartwatch is going to be well assisted by the 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM along with all the sensors including barometer, PPG and vibration motor.

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CES 2015: Garmin announces hands-free GPS navigator and upbeat smartwatch

Garmin Epix hands free GPS navigation device and Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch

CES 2015 has just got underway and at this mega event Garmin has come-up with its line-up of wearables, multi-sport watches and much more. What caught our eye are the two products namely; Garmin Epix and Garmin Vivoactive. One is a GPS mapping watch that boasts-of its hand-free navigation aesthetics and the other one which is a GPS smartwatch with built-in sports and activity tracking apps.
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Victoria’s Secret launches Incredible heart rate sensing bra

victorias-secret-incredible heart rate sensing bra

Seems like even Victoria’s Secret cannot keep out of the wearable technology bandwagon; even if it means sticking up one sensor to its apparel just for the sake of it. Adding to its line of sports bras for women with active lifestyle, the fashion house has launched the “Incredible” bra with a built in heart rate sensor that attaches to most clip-on heart rate monitors of leading brands. Read More…

LifeBEAM Hat is your waterproof fitness tracker suited for any conditions

LifeBEAM Hat

Taking wearable technology into new realms is this Biometric Hat by Israeli biometric developer LifeBEAM which is your fitness tracker, cadence analyzer, heart-rate monitor and calorie counter all-in-one. You can wear this smart headwear which is available for pre-order and soon will be available by sports retailers in more than 30 countries. No need to sport any wristbands and fancy fitness trackers since your cap is now going to do all the analysis as you sweat it out.
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INYU: Wearable device that measures physical and emotional health

INYU wearable device tracks emotional health

INYU wearable device tracks emotional health

This is “The Inner You” (INYU) which is a wearable device that measures your bio-signals to gauge the emotional levels of a person at any given point. The device is co-developed by Srinivasan Murali, co-founder and CEO of Switzerland-based SmartCardia. INYU is based on a research from the Embedded Systems Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and is primarily designed to track Electrocardiogram (ECG), breathing and other key vital biological functions of the user to get timely feedback on any treatment that might be needed to cure an illness.
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