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Carat Pro wireless earbuds coach you on the go

Carat Pro wireless earbuds_1

Samsung has shown what wireless earbuds need to be like, and that said, things are only going to get better in the future. It is certain that your wireless earbuds will be mostly used during fitness activities, and designing them for such activities will reap profits for manufacturers. Since the market for wireless earbuds is still wide open, start-ups are investing their time in developing fitness centric wireless earbuds.
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How smartphones and wearable technology are influencing medical science

Wearable technology medical science and mobile devices

Gone are the days when we relied on medical practitioners for acquainting ourselves with knowledge on any kind of medical problem. Let alone any guidance on medical problems, now the pendulum is fast shifting towards technology aided healthcare. With mobile devices like smartphones at your disposal, getting medical diagnosis and medical treatment is going to be more than just a consultation with the doctor.

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Victoria’s Secret launches Incredible heart rate sensing bra

victorias-secret-incredible heart rate sensing bra

Seems like even Victoria’s Secret cannot keep out of the wearable technology bandwagon; even if it means sticking up one sensor to its apparel just for the sake of it. Adding to its line of sports bras for women with active lifestyle, the fashion house has launched the “Incredible” bra with a built in heart rate sensor that attaches to most clip-on heart rate monitors of leading brands. Read More…