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Apple Watch Series 2 is a swim-proof smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 2

After much speculation and anticipation, Tim Cook finally got on stage at the Apple Event in San Francisco to announce the Apple Watch Series 2, along with the latest iPhone models and refreshing wireless AirPods. The air has been cleared on all the assumptions about this Apple smartwatch, and it is in-fact much better than its predecessor. However it borrows a lot from the first generation Apple Watch, including the square dial design and the funky crown for scrolling and zooming-in on details. Also, the watch casing is going to be available in aluminum, stainless steel and the exclusive white-colored ceramic model.
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Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds with fitness tracking capabilities are worth it

Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds_2

While Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 is meant for the serious fitness freaks, the company has an accessory for casual fitness lovers too. Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds look funky, but are they good enough for the price? Well, that you’ll have to decide after reading about these earbuds meant for urban lifestyle. Unlike the Earity wireless earbuds, these are compact and well designed, but not as compact as the Earin wireless earbuds. IconX earbuds play music, act as your personal coach, monitor your heartbeat, count the calories burnt and counts your runs/steps. So, Samsung is clearly offering an accessory that assists in most of your daily life chores.
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FriWalk: New high-tech robotic mobility walker cum personal trainer

Friwalk robotic mobility walker

Under the EU’s ACANTO project researchers from six different European countries collaborated to take mobility walker concept to the next level. These researchers are working on development of the Friendly Robot Walker or FriWalk – a four wheeled walker equipped with technologies that will not only assist the elderly and disabled in walking, but also gather data about users overall health and even provide inputs like a personal trainer. Best part is that it will allow user’s friends or relatives to feed their own ideas for different physical activities via an accompanying FriTablet device. FriWalk has integrated cameras, sensors and contactless heart monitor for a completely unique walking experience. Read More…

MobilECG Business Card does your ECG scan in a jiffy

MobilECG Business Card

Every now and then you come across stuff that is downright interesting and gives us a glimpse into the future. This MobilECG Business Card is exactly that stuff. It measures the users pulse by placing the two fingers on the scanner section of the card. Of course it is not a diagnostic device at all, rather an iteration (or should I call a hack) of the real product aimed for the medical industry to take ECG readings. It has been designed solely to draw attention to the main product which is a kind of catchy. The company has even provided details of the schematics of making one. Know more by watching the video below.
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Christmas gift ideas: Performance enhancing gizmos for sportspersons

Christmas gift-ideas Performance-enhancing gizmos for sportspersons

Being a sportsperson you always want to be the best at your game and technological advancements can provide you the much needed edge to stay ahead of the competition. Be it golf, tennis, baseball, soccer or winter sports; technology can provide you with the tools and insight of your own game as compared to others around you and also embellish you with tips and tricks from the pros themselves. Moreover custom modules of sports accessories of the new age give you the leverage to get a much detailed insight of the nifty little shortcomings that might be affecting your game in a big way. So for our sports lover readers and outdoor sports enthusiast we have a collection of sports accessories and gadgets that will improve your game in a big way.
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