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Cyclevision helmet with rear HD camera gives rider eyes in the back of the head

Cyclevision helmet

As a cyclist you’d know how vulnerable you are on the road riding amid all kinds of vehicles. There are many safety gears and security systems designed for riding, but no one has before thought of allowing the cyclists to know what’s behind them. As a solution, Australian firm Cyclevision has designed Skully helmet. This is no ordinary helmet;  Skully has a pair of HD cameras embedded into the frame – one camera is fitted in the front and there is one at the back which gives cyclists ‘eyes’ in the back of their heads. Read More…

You always needed a helmet wiper, so here it is folks

Helmet wiper_2

Rain can be a real hassle for motorists, especially bike riders who have to seek shelter in even of sudden gush of rain. When the gods strike their fury and you are on the highway, the only option is to turn the throttle and get to your destination as fast as you can. If you are also a two-wheel rider, you pretty well know that is not easy as you have spot the road through your helmet wiser. The onslaught of rain makes it hard to see the road ahead and you are stuck amidst nature’s fury pretty badly.
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Predator-themed motorcycle helmets with dreadlocks from Nitronos Motostudio

Predator-themed motorcycle helmets

Nitronos Motostudio has been designing and creating some of the most breathtaking motorcycle helmets for some time. The Russian motorcycle helmet company’s most exciting range of helmets includes the Predator-themed motorcycle helmets, which feature dreadlocks hanging down from the back. The helmets are made in a variety of variants, with myriad shield colors and LED / laser lights embedded into them. The eye-catching helmets are dedicated to bikers who want to stand out in the crowd and are made from state of the art composite manufacturing technique to ensure safety in addition to style. Read More…

BMW’s smart helmet with heads-up display and a rearview camera

bmw-helmet with heads up display

CES 2016 is not only about VR headsets; BMW Motorrad is also appealing to visitors at the event with its experimental, high-tech helmet. BMW helmet is equipped with a heads-up display, which is powered by a pair of replaceable batteries. The helmet with heads-up display projects all necessary information about the bike and the surroundings on the transparent screen right in front of the rider’s field of view. The display can run without a glitch for five hours on a pair of batteries. Read More…

Indian school dropout creates GPS embedded helmet gun for soldiers


Shyam Chaurasia from Indian city of Varanasi, who got famous with his pickpocket-proof jeans, has designed yet another tricky device – a helmet gun. Developed with a built-in GPS tracker, the bullet firing helmet is designed primarily for soldiers of the Indian army. Despite being a school dropout, Chaurasia is an electrical engineering lecturer, and has a fad for developing strange yet practical devices.  His remote-controlled helmet can shoot bullets at will and according to Chaurasia can protect soldiers against increasing threat from terror attacks. Read More…

Make a funky Darth Vader disco ball for your Star Wars-themed parties

Darth Vader disco ball

Darth Vader, the famous villain of Star Wars series is more of an inspiration and probably a hero for all the DIY’ers out there. We have seen so many Darth Vader-inspired DIY’s in the past and many more to come in the future. For now we concentrate on this easy DIY by Justin Poulsen who has made a Darth Vader disco ball which is perfect for Halloween, and more so for people who keep away from the gore stuff.
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Biodegradable helmet that will not be an environmental hazard after disposal

Giro Silo biodegradable helmet

As an individual who likes to stay close to nature and have as low environmental impact as possible, a bike helmet made from natural materials is just what you wanted. Since bike rider safety is your prime concern, but at the same time you also want to impact the nature as little as possible. For that very reason Giro have introduced an environmentally-friendly helmet having recyclable ABS plastic hard shell and bio-foam liner made from E-PLA (Expandable Polylactic Acid) which is biodegradable. This material is extracted from plant biomass which is 100% natural.
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Chinese man invents hands-free automatic hair washing machine

DIY hands-free automatic hair washing machine by  Chen Gongke

For some it takes quite a considerable time to wash, dry and style their hair; yes I know some of my friends who take ages to go through that regime. For them it is a luxury, but for those who cannot do it themselves due to some medical condition, the dependence on others is pretty evident. Chen Gongke, a 38-year-old Chinese inventor who saw his paralyzed grandmother unable to wash her hair or do other basic chores of life, came up with a unique idea to get over this problem. A hands-free washing machine that would wash and dry the hair automatically in just five minutes.
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Lumos Bicycle Helmet with signal lights will keep you safe on the road

Lumos Bicycle helmet

Safety for cyclists on the road is important, since major percentage of road fatalities around the globe occur with bike riders. Commuting on busy city streets comes with its own set of dangers for bike riders, so it is wise to employ every possible safety measure, especially in the dark hours. Bottom line is, you need to be seen clearly on the road by other motorists to avert any accidents.

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High school students invent football helmet that reduces impact injuries by 70%

Football helmet by Oklahoma high shool student Ethan Blagg

Most of the parents are reluctant in sending their child to play American football simply because of the impact injuries to head that can be a health risk and also in extreme cases fatal at times. Ethan Blagg, who is a senior at Francis Tuttle, Oklahoma High School and a linebacker, got his fourth concussion after a head injury while playing football and was warned by his neurologist to give up the game because of further health issues that might affect his brain if any further injuries are sustained. This has hampered his daily routine and study since he is having vision problems and headaches every now and then. Read More…