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This PC Desk packs loads of hardware for hungry gamers

PC Desk case mod

PC mods are cool and making a custom designed PC case is interesting and worth the effort. For that very reason DIY’ers invest a lot of time in building unique case mods. This one though is in a league of its own for its sheer design niche. In fact it is shaped like a desk which has loads of cabinets to house all your fancy, powerful hardware. The DIY desk is work of [Crafted Workshop] who call it desk PC which is true to its name and function.
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Harley Davidson PC case mod breaks all hotness barriers

Micle Proud of Blood PC case mod

This has to be one of the most unbelievable PC case mod that we have seen thus far. The sweeping curves and the customary Harley Davidson legacy draped all over it, the PC case mod by Micle is simply out of this world. One look at it and you’ll want to own it no matter what. Such is the kind of exuberance it has. Micle likes to call it “Proud of Blood”, maybe inspired from Diablo, but it looks nothing like that. In-fact it looks like a Harley V2 engine in its prime, and replicated in this PC case to perfection. Everything on the outside looks like being carved to the last detail, be it the tank cover, spoiler or pipes. The PC case mod is the work of Micle co-founder and well-known domestic modder Wei Zheng.
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