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This portable alcohol detector by Honda can be integrated into smart key

Honda and Hitachi alcohol detector device

Prevention of drunk-driving is in focus globally and governments are now taking help of technology to discourage this lethal practice. The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is already working on the DADSS – an alcohol detection system that could be integrated into car’s ignition mechanism. However, Honda and Hitachi have revealed their miniature and tamper-proof breathalyzer that can be integrated into a smart car key. According to the developers, new device enjoys some advantages over existing pieces of similar technologies, and it could prove to be a milestone in preventing drunk-driving cases. Read More…

Hitachi develops wearable device that can gauge employees’ happiness level

Hitachi Human Big Data wearable sensor

As an entrepreneur managing your human resources is the most complex task that a business has to sort out. So what’s that sure shot mantra that keeps your employees happy and satisfied? Well, there isn’t any, as it is a complex topic. But still there are many workarounds to figuring out the perfect recipe for keeping your employees happy. Hitachi has also jumped into the band wagon for developing a gadget called Human Big Data that can detect your employees’ emotional level and acting accordingly to keep them satisfied at all times. And to top it off it is a wearable gadget.
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Telepathy Jumper – Wearable communication device to make its appearance at CES 2015

Telepathy Jumper head mounted display

Telepathy Jumper head mounted display

More than a year and a half ago we came across the Telepathy One wearable communication device. Now the Japanese gadget startup has come up with Telepathy Jumper, a wearable display which can be sported as a geeky necklace when not in use. The 960×540 (qHD) display of Telepathy Jumper is developed in conjunction with Hitachi and Hitachi-LG Data Storage. For a premium HUD experience the display unit is equipped with a 5MP camera, acceleration, geomagnetic & proximity sensor, gyroscope, microphone and other sensors. Telepathy Jumper weighs just 30 grams in total, making it a light-weight wearable device that is practical for use in daily life.
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Mobile device power bank that functions as a powerful LED lantern

Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 power bank LED light lantern

Power hungry gadgets demand a constant backup for juicing them up when you are out on adventure trips. And also there is a need for a good lighting solution to light up the dark. Keeping this in mind, Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 outdoor lighting solution that also functions as a power bank is one accessory you want to have in your backpack every time you go on a hiking trip. And it is no ordinary mobile device charging device as it has 6600 mAh capacity, enough ti charge 3 smartphones or 2 tablet devices before needing a recharge. Moreover it also functions as a lantern or LED light that can continuously work for a staggering 50 hours in LED/lantern mode.
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