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Greenfield man builds functional R2D2 replica at home

Photo: Geoff Bruce/Now Media Group

Photo: Geoff Bruce/Now Media Group

R2D2 is by far the most loved character of Star Wars franchise, and it will continue to do so. People never seize to come up with their R2D2 replicas or maybe other things themed around the fictional robotic character. Steve Schmidt from Greenfield has been a die heart Star Wars fan since he was 6 years old, and after seeing the official R2D2 at a convention, he knew what he had to do. Steve set out on building one of his own R2D2 with help from his wife who is also a Star Wars fanatic.
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DIY solar-powered trike made from scrap, really comfortable to ride

solar powered trike made from scrap

People around the world are creating all sorts of eco-friendly ways to commute. A Canadian named Nathan Muller is the latest to join the force. Muller has built a solar-powered trike and it’s made entirely from scrap. Built over a few months, the trike’s highpoint is of course the 3 feet by 5 feet solar panel on its roof. But what really catches the eye is the cool car-like seat with backrest that you can lean back on, on a clean, green ride through the town. Read More…

90-year-old Stephen Toth builds go-kart for his great grandchildren

90-year-old Stephen Toth builds go-kart from scratch

It doesn’t take any professional training to be a mechanic – this 90 year-old from Bonita Street in Richland Township, Pennsylvania proves it. Stephen Toth, with no formal training or mechanical education has created a go-kart, not once but twice in last 60 years. His recent contraption is a gas-powered red-colored, 3 horsepower go-kart that he has built for his great grandchildren to enjoy. Toth has 5 great grandchildren and he has built the kart from scratch in his garage. Read More…

Russian engineer modifies a family car into this monster Batmobile

Monster Batmobile

As geeks, we are accustomed to see out of the ordinary Batmobiles crafted by creative people all by themselves. This one is one ideal for the elite club of “I Want Those Wheels” and perhaps a ride Batman would want to ride himself. Perfect mixture of a monster truck and intimidating looking Batman’s ride, it is the work of Igor Sukhorukov, a Russian engineer from Biysk. Build from an old Nissan Maxima, the family car got an unrecognizable makeover having big monster wheels and the look of a mean machine that means business. Interestingly, Igor has got all the paperwork to make this road legal and is free to drive it around on Russian roads, surprising people passing by.
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Woodworker creates this intimidating drill-powered bulldog

Drill powered bulldog

Master woodworker Izzy Swan surprised me with his drill-powered Walking T-Rex and Walking Machine in the last spring. Now, he is back again with a drill-powered creature which I must admit is not that cool as compared to the T-Rex, but a good weekend project if you have a good bend towards DIYs. A drill-powered bulldog walking the streets while looking funny and intimidating from different perspectives. Apparently Izzy used Bosh power tools to create and the drill itself is Bosh’s too.
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Nigerian boy makes fully-functional mini excavator at home

Fidellis Nwachukwu mini excavator

A Nigerian boy has successfully demonstrated his prototype mini version of an excavator that he build at home without any prior knowledge of automotive technologies or mechanical engineering. Fidellis Nwachukwu demonstrated his mini excavator at the Abuja International Motor Fair held in Nigeria. Coming from a very poor background and worried about his nation’s economic condition, the boy wants to change the scenario with his own innovations. The mini excavator is completely functional and Fidellis says his motivation for making one came from his belief in divine inspiration.
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Dad makes drill-powered walking T-Rex for his son [w/Video]

Drill powered T-Rex scooter by Izzy Swan

A walking T-Rex on the streets will definitely make you run for your life, but this walking dinosaur actually made me laugh. Just look at this thing moving it is so funny. Alright, enough of the casual talk and let’s get straight. This drill-powered T-Rex Scooter is made by professional woodworker Izzy Swan from Think Woodworks who wanted to give his son one of the coolest ride in the block. It all started when his son saw the Jurassic World movie and was highly impressed by the dinosaurs, and wanted to ride a T-Rex some day.
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10 deadliest slingbows you can make at home


Making a weapon at home is not the best idea for a novice DIYer, but you’ve got to start somewhere I believe. Whether you want to do it just for fun or increase your portfolio for DIY projects made at home, weapons should always be used in a safe environment. In this edition of DIY homemade weapons we have a collection of the coolest crossbows that you can make in your basement and show-off to friends or maybe shoot a rabbit in the woods, and nothing more. Let’s have a look at some of the best slingbows that are easy to make at home and have good impact when they hit the target.

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Chinese man invents hands-free automatic hair washing machine

DIY hands-free automatic hair washing machine by  Chen Gongke

For some it takes quite a considerable time to wash, dry and style their hair; yes I know some of my friends who take ages to go through that regime. For them it is a luxury, but for those who cannot do it themselves due to some medical condition, the dependence on others is pretty evident. Chen Gongke, a 38-year-old Chinese inventor who saw his paralyzed grandmother unable to wash her hair or do other basic chores of life, came up with a unique idea to get over this problem. A hands-free washing machine that would wash and dry the hair automatically in just five minutes.
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Chinese boy builds electric sports car at home in just six months

Homemade sports car by Chen Yinxi from China

Homemade sports car by Chen Yinxi from China

27-year old Chen Yinxi from China has made a homemade electric supercar that caught everyone’s eye at the 2015 Hainan International Automotive Industry Exhibition (Auto Expo in Haikou). Taking almost half-year to build, this supercar does look like a supercar from the outside. He made it for an amount rounding-off to £3,000 and that for the records is quite impressive. Chen who is an automotive engineering student has an affinity for designing cars and although he belongs to a rich family, he wants to follow his passion and create a legacy of his own.
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