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Young Pakistani creates his own Tumbler Batmobile to ride the streets

Tumbler Batmobile

Do you think only people in the US are hugely obsessed with fantasy characters and their fancy vehicles? This man from Pakistan will prove all your assumption to be wrong. Meet 26-year old Shaheer Khan who built a fully functional replica of the Batmobile, and it is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Right from his childhood days, the young man was obsessed with superheroes, especially Batman and Tumbler, and what better than making the coolest ride on the planet his own. It took him almost a year to complete the replica of the real Batmobile made from carbon fiber, and his effort has paid off well. It’s worth mentioning that he got able assistance from mechanical engineer Tanveer Ul Haq from Lahore to make the Tumbler come to life.
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Students build solar-powered car in fuel and electricity stricken Gaza


Inspired by acute electricity shortage and fuel deficiency in Gaza Strip in Palestine, two students from the Islamic Al Azhar University have developed a solar-powered car that does 18mph. Engineering students Al Miqaty and Khalid Al Bardawil worked closely with the University’s Mechatronics Engineering Department and created a single-seat vehicle for their graduation project. With solar panel embedded to the roof, this car is considered as an innovative step for people in Palestine. Read More…

90-year-old Stephen Toth builds go-kart for his great grandchildren

90-year-old Stephen Toth builds go-kart from scratch

It doesn’t take any professional training to be a mechanic – this 90 year-old from Bonita Street in Richland Township, Pennsylvania proves it. Stephen Toth, with no formal training or mechanical education has created a go-kart, not once but twice in last 60 years. His recent contraption is a gas-powered red-colored, 3 horsepower go-kart that he has built for his great grandchildren to enjoy. Toth has 5 great grandchildren and he has built the kart from scratch in his garage. Read More…

Japanese craftsman builds an electric car made entirely from bamboo

Electric car made from bamboo

Japanese seem to have a strange love for electric cars and bamboo. After the ravishing single-seat electric bamboo car by engineers at Kyoto University, a craftsman in Japan has built his own electric vehicle completely from bamboo. Built at a cost of 30-thousand dollars (all of which was sourced through a crowdfunding campaign), the auto rickshaw-style car, if you may, eschews the smooth curves and glossy paint of the modern day electric vehicles for bamboo. Read More…

12 years and 90k dollars later a Canadian readies twin-jet powered Ferrari Enzo knock-off

Twin jet powerd car by Ryan McQueen

There are no actual parts of a Ferrari Enzo on this one, but it is surely made for the exhibitions of Ferraris. Strapping jet engines into cars for drag races and land speed records is nothing new, but fitting a handmade car with two Rolls Royce jet engines is certainly new. Sherwood Park, Canada resident Ryan McQueen did just that with his Ferrari Enzo lookalike that he calls Insanity. Aptly named Insanity, this features 14,000 pounds of thrust and is can reach maximum speeds of 650 km/h. With all that power, fuel economy of the car is domed – the jet powered car consumes 400 liters of fuel in under two minutes. Read More…

Going 0-60mph in nine seconds on a jet-powered coffin car

jet powered coffin-car

When everyone else was busy making spooky pumpkin contraptions for Halloween, there was one man who was building a jet-powered coffin car. Bob Maddox, who has a passion for building amazing jet-powered bikes, cars and skateboard etc., had a long time fascination of building a jet-powered coffin car. The daredevil and DIY jet enthusiast Maddox has finally  built a jet-powered coffin car that does 0-60 in nine seconds. Weighing only 400 pounds, the coffin car draws power from a pulse jet engine.

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Homemade 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S is inspirational geek creation

DIY 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S replica sports car

Taking DIY activities to the next level an American engineering expert Ken Imhoff from Wisconsin USA has created life-size functioning replica of the exotic 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S in his garage. Made in the coldest of season’s, this car is a true example of what you can do if you have some spare time and the gut feel to accomplish what others think is impossible. Ken used photographic references to carve this beauty together and using tools like hammer and strong arms of course, Ken managed to shape it up step by step with wooden molds as the basic body of the car. Fitted with Ford Cleveland Boss 351 V8 engine which is capable of 515 horsepower at 6800 RPM and modern ZF five speed gearbox, this DIY homemade car pretty well comes close to the real Lamborghini Countach LP500S which boasts of a V12 engine.

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American builds incredible ‘Upside Down’ car, races on the roof of his car

Jeff Bloch upside down race car

If you want to see endurance racers speeding around the circuit in their budget vehicles, winning accolades for wackiness of their cards and not for speed, then LeMons race series organized at the New Jersey Motorsport Park is where you should be. This time an off-duty police officer Jeff Bloch stunned everyone at the series by speeding around the track in an incredible ‘Upside Down’ race car, which sent onlookers into momentary shock. Bloch, who belongs to Maryland, USA drove an upside down race car which seemed as if he was racing on the roof of this car. Read More…

Scratch built Maserati 450s based Mazzer roadster is homemade dream car

Some people have a bizarre fad for making things they desire, is weird a correct word? I’m not sure, whatever it is – it sure is a fabulous knack. Wil de Groot is one such creator who likes making his own cars, yes you read that right! Making drivable roadsters from scratch. Built around a shabby Maserati Quattroporte, Groot’s Mazzer roadster is a homemade, custom-built dream car that slightly resembles the spirit of the Maserati 450s. It’s not actually like the latter because Wil didn’t want his car to be a Maserati replica – but it his roadster is surely a cross bread of a vintage and a modern drive. Read More…