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British veteran makes his own Spitfire aircraft at home

Alan James homemade Spitfire aircraft_5

When we talk of DIYs, making a functional aircraft at home is regarded as one of the most difficult task. That’s the reason why this homemade Spitfire by 63-year old Alan James from England is so special. Embarking on this project was not easy for him as he had to search across Europe for the specialist parts required to make it. After putting numerous hours and almost £18,000 into building the homemade Spitfire, James now flies proudly in his aircraft. Mind you, it took him almost three years to build this masterpiece.
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Man builds wooden airplane at home to fly quicker to work

Frantisek Hadrava homemade wooden airplane

Almost all of us waste a lot of time in traffic while driving to work. While most of us think of having ways to fly to office, one man named Frantisek Hadrava of the Czech Republic has actually built a plane that he flies to work and back home. The 45-year-old Hadrava was tired of wasting 14 minutes driving to work, he decided he wanted a plane to cut that travel time at least in half. Hadrava spent two years designing and building an ultralight wooden aircraft ‘Vampira’ that flies him to his work place, Drevostroj, a small factory in Ckyne in just 7 minutes. Read More…

Chinese Farmer builds delta-wing aircraft powered by imported engine

Looks like building homemade aircrafts is very much the trend these days and testimony to it is the latest one made by a 39 year old farmer, Tian Shaoqiang from Linzhou, Central China Henan Province. His dynamic one manned delta-wing aircraft fitted with a $4,750 (30,000 Yuan) imported engine, canvas wings and aluminum body is capable of flying at the height of 500 meters attaining a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. For the first successful test flight for 20 minutes, aircraft’s wings and body were transported to a road near the village and then reassembled again.
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Going for an international flight in a homemade plane sure seems promising

“I’m trying to find a way available to just about anybody. Do you want a wave runner or an airplane? You can leave the country in this thing. You do the math.” These are the words of Norman Lewis who hails from Southport and wishes to go for Bahamas trip in his homemade plane! Norman has just completed his ultralight plane with which his hopes of going for an international flight are attached. The most unique thing that this aviation lover has in his mind is that he wants to do something that hasn’t been done before. To Lewis, his homemade plane is like a Lindbergh flight.

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