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$36,000 jet-powered car is for one crazy, rich bragger

Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car

Whenever one hears the word jet-powered, the first image that comes to mind is a vehicle racing past you at break-neck speed. This isn’t different either, and is definitely for ones who have uncontrollable desire for speed that can burn a hole in your pocket. Bob Maddox who is one crazy DIYer when it comes to jet-powered stuff has created a new jetpulse car dubbed by Bob as Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car, that is inspired by the post war years.
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Larry Nagel’s Pocket Rocket resurrected with a jet powered engine

Larry Nagel Pocket rocket drag racing car

When John T Francis was 7 years old he was fascinated by drag-racing and ever more so by Pocket Rocket speeding down the Thompson Drag Raceway. Now, decades later he found Larry Nagel‘s Pocket Rocket and decided to give it his own twist by adding a jet powered engine to the drag racing legend car. With help from his friend Mat Thrasher, he found the car and began his untamed adventure of restoring it back. The car in its glory days had a 5,000 horsepower engine and was capable of reaching 0-100 miles per hour in just one second courtesy hydrogen peroxide fuel that was banned due to its highly inflammable nature!

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Boydster 1932 Hot Rod PC case mod in all its blazing glory!

Boydster 1932 Hot Rod PC case mod

Some of us are still fascinated by those exhilarating times when antediluvian cars were tinkered with to transform them into ‘hot rod’ speed beasts. Modder Kevin Core clearly counts himself a part of this group, as is evident from his recreation of the exalted Boydster 1932 Hot Rod in its boisterous PC avatar. Contrived from a remote controlled version of the hot rod replica, the entire case mod exhibits a substantial scale of 1:8. Of course, beyond the physical size, it is the attention to details and slew of innovative features that really tickles our geek fueled fancy.

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Hot rod draped in Canadian wood bison leather from inside out

Hot rod draped in Canadian wood bison leather

You might have seen cars draped in gold, diamond and other outrageous materials but rarely do we see a car draped up in Canadian bison leather that gives it a very bison like appeal. Created by automotive junkie known as Rustam from Moscow, Russia this hot rod is completely covered in Canadian wood bison leather from inside out. To enrich the look, expensive natural fur has been added to the interiors apart from the bison leather that is everywhere except the wheels. The hood, dashboard, seats and even the engine has been enclosed in specially treated bison leather that can withstand high temperatures and according to the maker comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not only bison leather, but the car also has Swarovski crystals giving it that distinctive royal feel.

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Hot Rod pedal powered cars to be auctioned for celebrating 80th birthday of 32 Ford ‘Deuce’

Remember the pedal powered cars from your childhood that evokes so many memories and feelings? Well then to commemorate 80th anniversary of 32 Ford Deuce which apparently became the most liked hot-rodder’s car, there is a collection of pedal-powered hot rod cars up for auction on RM Auctions for collectors delight. Each of these nine Deuce pedal cars are designed and build by different custom car builders with each of them started with identical 1932 Ford Roadster pedal car build by Warehouse 36. All these rare pedal powered cars will be kept on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, later to be sold in auctions spanning till 2013.
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Ford Mustang laden with Microsoft Windows technologies is one hell of a roadster

What do you get when a raw American hot rod muscle car, latest technologies and cloud connectivity are all combined into one? You get the thumping 2012 Mustang retrofitted with Dynacorn’s 1967 Mustang fastback replica body and fitted with latest Microsoft technologies which have never been used in automobiles before this. Also known as the Project Detroit, the heads up display inside the car is laden with augmented reality right in the windshield and Kinect on front and rear provides skeletal tracking along with streaming of videos.
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