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This PC Desk packs loads of hardware for hungry gamers

PC Desk case mod

PC mods are cool and making a custom designed PC case is interesting and worth the effort. For that very reason DIY’ers invest a lot of time in building unique case mods. This one though is in a league of its own for its sheer design niche. In fact it is shaped like a desk which has loads of cabinets to house all your fancy, powerful hardware. The DIY desk is work of [Crafted Workshop] who call it desk PC which is true to its name and function.
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5 step to convert YouTube video to Mp3 and associated benefits


YouTube is a magical platform where anyone can go and find a way to become a creator. Expression and originality run free and people can find new ways to engage, start conversations and solve pressing issues. One of the most significant features users have been demanding ever since YouTube’s humble beginning, has been the ability to hold onto the YouTube videos of their choice to be able to enjoy the files at any time of their choice, even offline. Read More…

The Hacksmith’s invincible Batman grappling hook gun

DIY Batman grappling hook gun by The Hacksmith James Hobson, or should I say The Hacksmith is a pro when it comes to creating real sci-fi props. The DIYer seems to be obsessed with superhero props more than anything else, and he gets better with each one of his creations. This time around the intuitive prop maker decided to come up with a Batman grappling hook gun to move between buildings or climb up the skyscrapers using a secure rope. In a way this creation is somewhat similar to Colin Furze’s rope launcher, but way better in fact.
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Vietnamese mechanic’s homemade 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline motorbike

Custom 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline

The powerful Henderson Motorcycle came like a bang in the early 1912 and disappeared in a lull by the year 1931. In its short life-term, the motorcycle company became the first choice for law enforcement personnel and two-wheeler enthusiasts who liked a powerful machine on the road. Well, 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline has become a collectibles dream now, and only a few are left. What you see in the video below is not a Henderson KJ Streamline motorcycle, but a replica made to look and sound exactly like it.
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Make this funny LED Christmas hat at home for less than $10

LED Chirstmas Hat

It’s December, and people are already getting in the mood for the festive season with DIY creations which are eye-catchy. Some are making cool Christmas trees while others beautifying their interiors and exteriors in festive spirit. So what do you expect from a geek to this Christmas? Maybe a hat embellished with lighting all over. And that is exactly what Imgur user [dstilgar] has come up with. The DIYer got hold of last year’s 30-inch tall hat he bought from Primark for $3, and turned it into a geeky wearable for this Christmas Eve.
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DIY wind-powered turntable, where wind determines speed of the record

wind powered record player

To cut out technology from your record player and make it more environmentally conscious, Popular Science has developed a motor-less turntable that plays music to the tune of wind. Popsci has put out an eight-step guide to building a motor-free, wind-powered record player, which would get occasional diy-ers like myself to sit out on a Sunday building one for themselves. The project is a simple build, and it shouldn’t take you more than $35 and a couple of hours. Read More…

Transformers costume made from Amazon Prime boxes


People keep surprising us with their unique ideas and artwork which have never been seen before. This one is right up there with the unique dirt cheap creations. Caron Arnold, a creative director of Fusions Marketing agency in St. Louis has come up with her own version of a Transformer costume made from cardboard boxes.
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Flip Dot Clock makes smart use of electromagnets to display time

Flip Dot Clock DIY

We have seen a plethora of clocks that look different and in some cases, they have completely unthought-of functionality. Maintaining our love for the coolest timepieces around, here we have the Flip Dot Clock by Kentaro Iizuka. The maker has done smart use of electromagnets and Arduino controller to create a matrix of flipping dots which display the current time accurately. One side of the dots is colored in neon green color and the other in black color.
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DIY: The coolest wireless LED keyboard you can make at home

DIY LED Keyboard

Hackaday.io user [AnonymouSmst] has created this uber cool keyboard which is not only good looking, but also smart in many ways. This wireless keyboard is a whole console in its own rights with 62 Cherry MX mechanical switches, 68 RGB LED backlights, 2 joysticks, 128×32 pixel OLED display and RFID/NFC chips for the communication bit. The brain of this smart keyboard is ATMEGA2560 chip which keeps all the electronic components in sync for seamless experience.
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Geeky Infinity Skirt inspired from traditional Chinese armor

Infinity Skirt

Most of the time it’s the geeky men who come out with DIY projects involving Arduinos, 3D printing and electronic tinkering. Don’t count out the girls though, as Imgur user [SexyCyborg] has created her own tech savvy skirt for the Maker Faire. She calls it the infinity skirt, since it displays infinite mirror effect thanks to the Array of LEDs embedded on each individual tile. The design is inspired by traditional Chinese armor and you do actually need to wear a layer of clothing as the skirt won’t help hide much.
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