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Reimagine your office desktop with HP’s Elite Slice modular PC

HP Elite Slice modular PC

If you were thinking of upgrading your office hardware, good you waited this long. HP has released a dream gadget that every office needs. A future-looking desktop PC that looks like your TVs set top box, measures only 6-inches yet functions as a full-fledged system. Dubbed the Elite Slice, this is a modular PC that comes with modules that you can add or remove to enhance or downsize PC capabilities. Read More…

HP Powerup Backpack boasts 22,400 mAh battery backup for your devices

HP Powerup Backpack

The hunger of power sucking gadgets is now going to die any time soon, as long as humanity decides to go off the grid completely. That is why there is an endless list of power banks, battery packs and modern day gadgets which keep your gadgets charged to the brim. In this opportune market HP has come-up with their own iteration of a power bank for laptops, smartphones or any other mobile device that you own. HP Powerup Backpack looks like any other normal backpack on first look, but what’s on the inside makes it special.
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World’s thinnest laptop, HP Spectre measures only 10.4 mm thick

HP Spectre world's thinnest laptop

Despite everyone just wanting to buy a smartphone, sales of laptops has increased year over year (and the trend continues). With weight and size of the laptops decreasing by the day, delivering thinnest laptop has become need of the hour for manufacturers. HP has been ahead in the race for super-slim laptops and now it’s taken that to an all new level with HP Spectre – newly launched 10.4 mm thick laptop which is touted to be the world’s thinnest ever. Read More…

HP Sprout all-in-one desktop scans 3D objects for better learning

HP Sprout all in one PC desktop_4

Your PC can mean your world and what you make of it is completely at your discretion. You can do so much with the world’s knowledge just a few keywords a-drift. Targeting the tech savvy section of young people who are keen on learning new ways to explore the possibilities with their computer, HP wants to bring the pearls of knowledge right onto your fingertips. HP Sprout all-in-one desktop for the creative lot out there has a 3D camera sitting right on top of the desktop screen which is capable of scanning real objects and create a rendered image on desktop to toggle around with.
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HP’s MB Chronowing smartwatch will appeal to all fashion conscious consumers


The world of smartwatches is becoming crazier by the day, but with the objective to keep tech simple yet make it more vogue oriented, HP has teamed up with renowned fashion designer Michael Bastian to produce a new smartwatch dubbed MB Chronowing. The new wearable timepiece doesn’t feature cutting edge technology but is perfect accessory to appeal with all fashion conscious consumers.
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Hewlett Packard splits into two separate businesses

Hewlett Packard splits into two separate businesses

Hewlett Packard, a garage company founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in Palo Alto, back in 1939 is now going to be split-up into two separate entities – personal computer and printer businesses from the corporate hardware and service operations. This surprise move comes as no surprise as HP has been struggling in the personal computer business and now they are looking to capture the corporate services market with the split. The move will be initiated any time now and HP will split the computer and printer business from the corporate hardware and services business with tax-free distribution of shares to stockholders next year.
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