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Watch hydraulic press crushing a $40,000, 24 Karat Gold Bar

Gold Bar Crushed under Hydraulic PressPeople on social media love to watch random things of daily use getting destroyed just for the sake of recreation. For instance, Pressit has taken an expensive leap in hydraulic crushing. This time it was a USD $40,000, 24 Karat Gold Bar that was put under the hydraulic press. Crushit took its time and repeated the process multiple times and recorded it from different angles. The Gold Bar appeared to be flowing n molten state when it was crushed. You should better take a look at it to extract complete satisfaction. Read More…

Hydraulic press is the reason why we love crushing everything!

Hydraulic Press crushing everything

We love doing weird things and more so watching someone else do them. After all everyone loves a light moment and instances which we have never experienced before. From taking the iPhone to its limit to watching daredevils with wingsuit perform death defying stunts. But I’m sure you like seeing things getting crushed and totaled down to nothing more than rubble. Getting viral on Youtube these days is the Hydraulic Press Channel which is showcasing videos of a hydraulic press reducing every damn thing out there to paper thin unrecognizable trash. Damn I’m feeling creepy watching this, you too have a look.
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