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Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition – A $30,000 personal e-watercraft that glides over water

quadrofoil ‘Q2S’ limited edition2

A two-seater electric water-craft called Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition has appeared with a heavy price tag of $30,000. Quadrofoil claims to have used highly advance naval technology and C-shape hydrofoils to let you glide over water surface at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The craft is designed in accordance with the natural flow of water to provide optimum stability, control, and efficiency.  The concept of using hydrofoils isn’t new, but its implementation in Qaudrofoil is appreciable.
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Parrot MiniDrones – Hydrofoil: A drone that can fly on water

Parrot Hydrofoil Drone

Parrot Drones has been known to come-up with innovative UAVs that appeal to the common man. Keeping in tune with their USP, Parrot has come up with a fleet of mini drones that can skim across fresh water, do night surveillance tasks and a jumping drone that can become an able spy if needed. Launched in three different variants, Parrot’s new MiniDrones will come in 13 models in total, giving you more ways to enjoy the fun. Starting from €100 right up to €200, these drones will absolutely become your favorite toy. Let’s have a look at each of these smartphone controlled MiniDrones in detail below.
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