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Swim trunk with hydrophobic nanotechnology repels any kind of liquid

Frank Anthony hydrophobic nanotechnology swim trunks

Next time you get wet in the swimming pool you won’t have to worry drying your shorts in the sun. Frank Anthony’s hydrophobic nanotechnology swimwear makes it possible as these shorts don’t soak water and in fact repel it for a ultra-dry feel. Not only water but these shorts repel any kind of liquid material including coffee, soda or fruit juice. Now that is some good news for people who are in the habit of spilling their drinks or have to stay in water for extended period of time for swimming or any other outdoor activities.
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Silic spill-proof t-shirt let’s you dine like an animal

Silic t-shirt

Spilling while eating is the most irritating thing that can happen out in public and embarrasses you like hell. But an American student Aamir Patel is all determined to change that with the Silic T-shirt that uses Hydrophobic Nanotechnology, embedded into the polyester fabric itself at microscopic level. Unlike some water-proofing sprays and treatments that can give you cancer, this new innovation is sans any such dangers. With billions of silica particles bonded into the fabric, this unique t-shirt forces the water-based liquid to form a 150-degree sphere and roll off without bonding to the fabric. In addition to that the air that forms between the liquid and fabric magically averts any liquid-based beverages and prevent any spillage.
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