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CES 2017: Hyundai unveils three exoskeletons for paraplegics, factory workers


If Hyundai’s latest efforts are anything to go by, the car company is more inclined, than other automakers, to become more than just a car manufacturer. The company is venturing hard into assistive robots. Latest example, a trio of assistive robots – exoskeletons, unveiled by the company at a press conference in CES 2017. We’ve seen bulky robotic suits and exoskeletons over the years, but Hyundai has focused on keeping its battery-powered wearable exoskeletons very sleek and lightweight. Read More…

Google and Ford partner to make invincible self-driving cars

Google self driving car

Google has invested a lot of time and money in their self-driving car project, and like many other automotive giants they also believe that the next decade will see a lot of autonomous vehicles on the road. Living by this belief, Google has partnered with Ford to make self-driving cars to bring automotive technology and their own self-driving software prowess together to create a vehicle which is invincible. The two will create an independent company to take forward this dream and it is most likely that they will announce more details on this at CES 2016.
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Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen-powered car to hit the roads next year

hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

In recent times, major number of automotive companies have come forward to develop green, pollution free and environmental-friendly vehicles. With the introduction of electric cars and hybrid vehicles, we can expect better mode of transportation that will be good on our environment too. Talking of eco-friendly vehicles, Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota also have unveiled a mass-market hydrogen fuel cell car. Dubbed Mirai, which means future in Japanese, the hydrogen-powered car will be available in Japan from next month and will debut in California next fall.
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Hyundai 2015 Genesis: “Yes you can have blind faith on self-driving cars”

Hyundai Motors "The Empty car Convoy"

Hyundai Motors “The Empty car Convoy”

Self-driving cars have always captured our imagination and automotive manufacturers around the globe are in a close battle to make one of the most reliable self-driving car. Hyundai seem to be inching closer to that goal and with their 2015 Genesis sedan showcased at the CES 2014 show for some cool technological advancements, the picture looks promising. But, even if an automotive manufacturer manages to make the most reliable self-driving car on this planet, how will the end-user be sure of that fact?
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Hyundai and Kia’s GDS connects with your tablet for in-depth vehicle diagnosis

Global Diagnostic System Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Corporation and Kia Motors have developed a new vehicle diagnostic tool that connects with a mobile device to provide a detailed diagnosis of the condition of the vehicle. Called as Global Diagnostics System (GDS-Mobile), the vehicle diagnostics system is aimed at improving the after-sale experience of its customer. Traditionally the vehicle has to be paired with diagnostics machines that are very hard to move around. Compared to that the new system checks vehicle’s communication interface linked to a communication device in the car and then relays all the data to your mobile device through Bluetooth or WiFi.
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Zombie survival machine designed from 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Zombie survival machine

Some believe that zombie apocalypse will hit us sooner rather than later and it is better to be prepared for the worse rather than being sorry later. We have seen weapons specifically built for a zombie mayhem and for The Walking Dead Chop Shop, Anson Kuo had created a four-wheel survival machine (brought to life by Galpin Auto Sports, GAS) that eventually won the competition that saw more than 82,500 entries. Dressing up his newly bought 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUV vehicle into a Zombie Survival Machine, Kuo beefed it up with knives, blades, automatic crossbows, razor-wired windows, machine guns, samurai sword, aluminum armor and muffler silencer.
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World’s fastest elevator inside Hyundai Asan Tower takes you on a joy ride

As an installation of the Hyundai Asan Tower, the world class elevator test facility spanning a distance of 205.2 meters above the ground and 15 meters below, EL 1080 elevator has to be one of the fastest elevators on earth. It is like travelling from first floor to the 50th floor in mere 25 seconds courtesy an all new elevator technology. Testimony to that is the special report “Fastest on Earth” by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Spectrum’s radio program which clearly proves that the Hyundai Asan Tower has one of the fastest elevators there ever was.
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