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Orthopedist invents hassle-free device for increasing height

Bone lengthner by Amr Abdelgawad

Bone lengthening as a medical technique has given people with short height the chance to add a few more inches. But this technique comes with a lot of pain and temporary disability in the legs. Not to forget the probability of developing infections and operating mistakes which can have complications in the future. To get over this problem Amr Abdelgawad an orthopedic surgeon at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) has created a bone lengthening process which doesn’t require frequent surgery.
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World’s first bionic eye implant helps Manchester man see again

Bionic eye implant Ray Flynn

With the amount of medical histories being created around the globe of late, bionic eye implant was definitely on the cards. In what is the world’s first implant of its kind, surgeons in Manchester, UK, have implanted a bionic eye in 80-year-old pensioner Ray Flynn affected with advanced dry age-related muscular degeneration. Partially sighted Flynn, suffering with this common eye problem that leads to complete loss of central vision is reported to have an improved vision now. Flynn has received a retinal implant and a pair of glasses embedded with a mini camera. The glasses convert video images into electric signals which are picked up wirelessly by electrodes on the retinal implant. Read More…

Fluid-based micro implant promises to restore vision ceased by Glaucoma

Miniature pump regulates internal ocular pressure

Researchers at Fraunhofer University have given us enough reasons in the past to believe technology has the ability to put things right. In a recent development, researchers at the University are working on an implantable micro-fuild pump which would effectively be placed in the eye to treat ocular pressure and restore vision. There are various eye ailments which create elevate or reduce pressure in the eye and lead to diminishing vision, in intense cases even leading to blindness. There have been no real solutions for such problems that include Gluacoma and Phthisis bulbi. Read More…

Strange World: Man implants microchip in his hand to commute in the local subway

Vlad Zaitsev implants chip under his skin

Vlad Zaitsev implants microchip under his skin

How the hell do you remember to put your public transport card inside the wallet amidst the tight daily schedule? Either you set a reminder for it or bank on your memory to buzz the reminder every single morning. Another way would be to implant the chip in your palm and never ever bother about remembering it. Yes, that is exactly what Vlad Zaitsev, a Russian engineer did! Read More…

Australian man implants microchip to control electronics with wave of his hand

Ben Slater microchip implant

What’s the furthest you can go to display your fascination with future of technology? Line up for weeks outside Apple stores ahead of an iPhone launch? Well, an Australian named Ben Slater has taken his fascination with future of technology to a new high; he has implanted a RFID microchip under his skin to store his personal information and control electronics with just a wave of his hand. Read More…

World’s first 3D printed vertebra implanted in 12-year-old boy with bone cancer


Sensing limitations of traditionally used orthopedic implants that need to be typically attached to the bone with cement and screws; surgeons at the Perking University in Beijing, China, have successfully implanted first 3D printed vertebra in a 12-year-old boy’s neck. The patient named Minghao, had developed cancer in the vertebra. In the five-hour long specialized spinal cord operation, surgeons removed the tumor located in the second vertebra in the neck and replaced the same with a 3D printed implant. Read More…

GlySens ICGM – Noninvasive glucose monitoring sensor makes you forget about diabetes

GlySens ICGM System glucose monitoring system

When we talk about diabetes, there are lot of problems that come along with it. The foremost being the hassle of monitoring the blood glucose level by pricking the finger for blood. Or maybe even the latest implanted sensors that require frequent calibration and replacement. To get over this basic problem with diabetes related care, GlySens is working on quarter-sized glucose monitoring system that is implanted into patient’s body and works for over one year before needing replacement. GlySens ICGM System is one solution that will improve the lifestyle of diabetes patients as they won’t be required to take blood samples for keeping a check on their glucose levels. All they would need to do is monitor the glucose levels on a device that is paired with the sensors implanted in the body.
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Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix breast implant will prevent after surgery complications

Breast implant

Breast implants will now come loaded with technology to help women identify early signs of fake or dangerous material used as Establishment Labs, Florida & Belgium based company is out with their new silicone breast implant called Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix with VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology. The breast implant will come loaded with radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip that is capable of identifying and warning the user about any unauthorized material used. This is in response to the outrage created by due to French company using unapproved silicone fillers in their breast implants, putting many unassuming women at risk as the implant ruptured inside the breast.
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