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Self-driving stroller keeps your baby safe and cozy

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

Baby strollers haven’t changed much since their inception and pushing them around for a long time can be tiring at times. Keeping this in mind, an Indiegogo project wants to end all the pushing and pulling of baby strollers and turn them into self-propelling ones. This is Smartbe Intelligent Stroller developed by a New York startup that is right in the category of self-driving wheels. The stroller is driven by an electric motor which drives it equally well in sloping roads and gives the caretaker a breather.
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World’s first modular watercraft to ship in January 2016

Bomboard modular watercraft

Watercrafts are fun to drive and take full benefit of calm waters on a sunshine filled day. Although transportation can be an issue at times. BomBoard is the world’s first modular personal watercraft which solves this problem since it can be taken apart into four sections. So, this watercraft can be loaded into the boot of your car and taken to the nearest beach. Under the hood this machine packs a punch with 45 HP fuel injected motor (450cc) mated to a high performance jet pump. This makes BomBoard go at top speed of 45 mph.
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Aspirus smart workstation for people who focus on productivity

Aspirus smart workstation_2

With passage of time the size of desktops and workstations has reduced considerably, giving the end-users greater options when it comes to portability. Another aspect about desktop computers that has changed is the freedom to organize and use them with multiple screens in a workstation format. Another well organized and useful desktop workstation has managed to get itself funded on Indiegogo is Aspirus. This standing desktop workstation configuration comes with clutter-free design tactically accommodated in a minimalistic space engaging configuration.
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This sensor-embedded t-shirt corrects your body posture to banish back pain

TruPosture tshirt for bad posture correction

Incorrect body posture can be a bad thing and the biggest side effect is back pain which over the period of time can lead to much serious problems. People around the globe suffer from back pain due to bad posture, in some people it is chronic, while others have it just on an odd day. Any which way back pain can be the most irritating thing you can experience and it leads to headaches and pain in the abdomen too. A startup wants to end this lingering problem that affects millions worldwide with a sensor embedded undershirt dubbed TruPosture. Along with its spine alignment tracking capability, the makers have made sure that it is soft, breathable and anti-microbial thanks to the Lycra blend fabric.
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Underwater jetpack makes you glide effortlessly through water

x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack_1

Jetpacks have always been the most exciting innovation of modern times, and there a good reason for it. They give us wings and perhaps the most exhilarating experience of flight that we otherwise can only long for. Now, yet another intuitive project seeks to let loose our adventure thirst, and make us fly underwater like an amphibious mammal. This is exactly what underwater divers would love to have in their hands. x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack developed by the duo of brothers Simon and Chris Parke is up on Indiegogo for fund-raising, and promises to bring another dimension to watersports as-well-as underwater exploration.
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Mifold booster seat for kids is ultra-compact and safe

Mifold Booster Seat

Child car boosters can be all bulky and a hassle to carry around if you have more than one kid. And the disappointing bit is that the design of car booster seats hasn’t changed much in the last 5 decades or so. Mifold Car Booster Seat seeks to change that with its compact and foldable design which is practical for real-life situations. The booster seat folds to a 10 times smaller size than any other product in the market and is tested with kids aged 4-12 years old. Read More…

Wallet Drone – World’s smallest pocket quadcopter will bring out the kid in you

Wallet drone by Morrison Innovations

Morrison Innovations who successfully funded their tiny little Nano Drone on Indiegogo are now back with a bang in just two months’ time with another improved version that promises even more. This is Wallet Drone, a quadcopter small enough to fit inside your pocket and its striking feature is the ability to fit inside the controller, making it a compact unit that is going to lure buyers. In fact the drone measures just 1.57 x 1.57 inches making it the smallest drone in the world. The controller that it fits inside isn’t that big either at 3.35 x 1.1 inches!
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Nano Drone is for beginners who want to expertise the art of UAV flying

Nano Drone

Robust drone fit for beginners

Drones are getting ever so popular due to the functionality they bring to the forte, but they haven’t been away from their share of controversies owing to the restrictions that have come into light. That isn’t deterring drone makers from coming up with versions that are complex and need in-depth knowledge for flying. Now this is a big hurdle for beginners who want to have their high-end drones, and at the same time don’t want it to land in the bushes with broken components spilled everywhere!
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Hardcore – World’s first POV action movie inspired by FPS games coming soon!

harcore FPS movie by Ilya Naishuller

I’ve always been fascinated by FPS games like Battlefield, and always wondered how the game developers manage to bring such realism to the characters. Same is true for animated movies that bring CAD characters to life. Taking a detour from the conventional film-making techniques, Russian film-maker Ilya Naishuller came up with the idea of making a movie that is shot totally in first person view. Of-course he got the idea from Timur Bekmambetov who pushed him into such kind of project since Ilya directed a music video “Bad MotherF****r” back in 2013 that had more than 50 million views.
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Sesame Enable touch-free smartphone is the best present ever for disabled kids

Sesame Enable touch-free smartphone

So you’ve got a new smartphone and feeling like the world is all beautiful. How about a small though for people with difficulties for whom operating a smartphone is not that simple a task? People for whom touchscreen smartphone doesn’t make that much of sense? Sesame Enable touch-free smartphone is specially designed for people with disabilities and has won the Version Wireless’s Verizon Powerful Answers Award too.
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