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With Lymbit you won’t lose anything ever again

Lymbit tracker

In our busy schedule, we always somehow manage to forget one thing or the other once in a while. Be it our wallet in the closet, bag in a subway or even pets that like to explore more than needed. There have been a lot of tracking devices that help you locate the exact position in case an object is misplaced. And now, another one comes to the foray and it looks good. Lymbit is a sensor enabled device that you can hook onto things that are the most susceptible to getting misplaced or lost. For example your wallet or keys that often get misplaced in home and can’t be found in the rush of moment.
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Say goodbye to mouse with the Flow wireless controller

Flow wireless controller by Senic

Senic, Berlin-based innovative manufacturer of tangible interfaces have unveiled their first product which is a freely programmable, haptic control for smart devices. Called Flow, the wireless controller will free us from the need of a keyboard and a mouse which due to their design are unable to offer us the same ability and sensitivity as our hands. Flow is an intuitive and precise shortcut tool to our favorite actions. The creators of Flow has incorporated three technologies into the device to suit the needs of users. Hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch and precise haptics are the technologies offered by the tool which will allow users to work, play and create in the digital world in a perfect way.
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Xmetrics activity tracker fine tunes your swimming technique in real time

Xmetrics activity tracker

Xmetrics is your swimming coach in real time

Whether you are a pro swimmer or a casual swimmer, it is always good to know about your performance. A coach always comes in handy, but now every swimmer can have the luxury of affording a coach as and when you feel like swimming. The next thing is to have a wearable gadget that can analyze your swimming performance real time. Xmetrics is that very gadget which gives performance feedback in real time by relaying the number of strokes, lap time, quality of turn, swimming technique etc. The gadget attaches to the back of your swimming goggles and with the compatible earphones gives up-to-date feedback on all you swimming analysis and bio-mechanical data.
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Connected carry-on smart bag will revolutionize the way we travel

bluesmart smart bag

Given the amazingly fascinating things technology is making available for us, it was just about time someone thought of innovating the suitcase. And just when a Bluesmart hit Indiegogo with a suitcase it claims is the “world’s first smart, connected carry-on”, the result was that the Bluesmart suitcase reached its $50,000 in just two hours and one minute. The smart bag comes with a host of features at a price tag of $235 ($195 for early birds). Read More…

Never lose your pet ever again with Pod GPS tracking device

Pod GPS tracking device

For pet lovers the fear of losing their best friend can be very traumatic, especially when they get lost. Sebastian Langton had to go through the same experience with his loved cat Ringo, and that is when he decided to team up with Damien Cantelo to develop a GPS tracking device. Hence, came into existence the world’s smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker dubbed Pod that attaches to your pet’s collar for instant tracking via mobile devices. The GPS technology allows you to track your pet anywhere in the world, even if it is a few miles away or in another country for that matter.
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.klatz smartwatch doubles as a comfortable handset for your smartphone

.klatz smartwatch and handset

.klatz smartwatch and handset

With growing possibilities in the field of wearable technology, we tend to come across latest smart wearable gadgets almost every day. .klatz, a smart and innovative bracelet is another example of the technology that focusses on making people’s life simpler and better. .klatz is basically a smartwatch that comes with a LED screen. However, that’s not all, the smart bracelet also doubles as a comfortable handset for your smartphone. Though smartwatches are cool and some of them let you take calls too, but holding your wrist up to your ear seems a little awkward. However, the .klatz smart bracelet offers a more elegant and cool approach. You can simply slip it from your wrist and flip it open to accept calls.
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Earity voice-controlled wireless earbuds, because we need them

Earity Voice Controlled Wireless Earbud

Music lovers hate bulky headphones and tangled cables, as they kill all the mood of listening to their favorite music. Well, the misery is finally over as the first voice controlled wireless earbud is here. Christened Earity, the lightweight wireless earphones comes with a long lasting battery, incredible voice commands and crystal clear audio. Designed to deliver freedom of movement, unparalleled sound quality and comfort, Earity wireless earphones won’t let anything come between you and your music. Not only that, the voice controlled wireless earbud easily pairs with a smartphone and offers destruction free conversations. The technology was designed in an effort to reduce the number of road accidents and injuries caused due to the use of cell phones while driving.
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Pocket3DPrinter -A portable 3D printer for just $299

Pocket3DPrinter 3

The ability to create is a skillful urge and not all can do that. But that sounds to be an old concept as the age of 3D printing has arrived. You can create what you can imagine. If you can’t imagine then there are plenty of ready-made 3D print models to assist you. For last couple of years, 3D printed products are continuously making appearance on various global platforms. However, now, the 3D printing is heading towards more portable and affordable future for all. Read More…

Portal is a wearable smartphone with a flexible display

Portal is a wearable smartphone with a flexible display

Portal wearable smartphone with a flexible display

Wearable gadgets are trending like anything and there are numerous examples of intuitive wearable technology applications that are all set to revolutionize the gadget market. Portal by Arubixs is one flexible wearable smartphone that will remind of all the sci-fi movies with the fancy electronics fit for altering the climax. Deemed as flexible, shatterproof, waterproof (up to 10 meters) and made from the new age electronic components, this wearable smartphone is on a mission to eliminate all the anomalies with current day smartphones and mobile devices. This new age wearable phone made from resistive Kevlar material is targeted for geeks, professionals and active individuals who like to flaunt their gadgets like a piece of jewelry, and for good reasons too.
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Battery powered Flame Base Layer will keep you warm in winters

Flame Base Layer by FuelWear

Not everyone enjoys the winter season, especially because one have to gear up with heavy layers of clothing to beat the cold of the freezing season. Not anymore, as Toronto-based start-up FuelWear have developed the first intelligent heated base layer that will keep you warm during the harsh and chilly winters. Called the Flame Base Layer, the fully black washable layer is made from an ultra-comfortable bamboo fabric. The intelligent heating system provides warmth to the wearer when it senses that his body is cold and automatically turns off, once the wearer is fully warmed up.
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