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WiMe NanoSmart: A smartwatch that can be used in 5 different modes

WiMe Nanosmart smartwatch

Smartwatches are the trend these days and the end-user is always on the lookout for a smartwatch that is easy to use and ultra-durable. WiMe Nanosmart smartwatch is one of those wearables that is tailor-made for your requirements. Whether you want to answer calls on the go, listen to music or maybe even the local radio station. WiMe touts it as a trendy mini GSM phone with a SIM card slot that syncs with your Android or iOS smartphone courtesy the NanoSmart app.

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Modillian smart strap turns any ordinary watch into a smartwatch

Modillian watch smart strap

Smartwatches are indeed revolutionary gadgets that are all set to change how we see the next 5-10 years in wearable computing and electronic devices. But having a smartwatch means that you would have to give up on the traditionally classy watches you loved so much. So, what does one do if they don’t want to give up wearing the classy mechanical watches but still want to have the inherent functions of a smartwatch? Get a Modillian smart strap that is a wearable communication gadget for relaying notifications from your Android mobile devices. This niche wearable gizmo allows you to wear any watch of your choice and also brings in the basic functions of a smartwatch.
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Wearable Gymwatch sensor analyses your isolated muscle training program

Gymwatch sensor

Working out in the gym with full dedication surely ensures that you move one step closer to your long term goal of personal fitness and lean muscular body. But can you be sure that the amount of energy you are exerting in building up your muscles is put to good use? You could be doing things the wrong way, and at the end of the day getting disappointed about not achieving what you set out on doing. A coach can be of good help but to get a pin point analyses of your every single workout regime in the gymnasium you need technology by your side.
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SmatMio stimulates your muscles just like workout training

SmartMio muscle stimulating wearable gadget

If you want to get the muscle power without working out, then some intelligent minds assisted by technology have the odds right in your court. SmartMio, the world’s first ever wearable device that functions as a sports muscle stimulator is well on its way to becoming a full blown product as it is doing good on Indiegogo platform. This intelligent wearable device stimulates your brain into sending the same signals to contract and workout the muscles in the same way as a good muscle workout in the gym would do. Using the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technique, SmartMio connects to your smartphone (Android or iOS) for a very precise muscle training regime without even exhausting yourself.
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Interview: Rohildev Nattukallingal, creator of Fin ring wearable device

Fin ring Wearable device

Wearable technology has a long way to go when it comes to taking the next big leap into the future of gadgets and gizmos. And by far what we have seen in the wearable technology market is quite impressive. Another new entrant in this demanding wearable technology sphere is Fin ring by RHL Vision, a visionary Indian tech start-up looking to transform the complexion of current gadget market. As the name itself suggests, Fin is a wearable ring that gives you the power to morph your hand into a digital touch interface which is gesture controlled to achieve any kind of action. The device acts like HotKey for certain specific function as it has built-in sensors to track movement in relation to your palm, virtually turning it into a segment of different areas for different input. For example while typing in your whole palm turns into a numeric keypad. The ring is connected to other gadgets like Smart TV, smartphone, desktop, dashboards etc. using Bluetooth connectivity and pre-programmed gestures control functions like controlling volume, sending text, dialing phone numbers, taking photos or paying games.

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The self-sharpening BornSharp razor comes with a $500 price tag

BornSharp razor

Many of us tend to have obsessions with gadgets and designs; obsessions that turn us into aficionados and collectors. A good example would be those impressive yet mighty costly chronometers. But how far can we go before we take a grievous look at our bank balance? Well, the BornSharp razor asks us such ‘deep pocket’ questions with its maddeningly high $500 price tag. Designed with a superior quality blade, the innovative feature of the ritzy razor would surely be its self-sharpening system. This is achieved with a specially crafted stand that freshly sharpens the blade with its integrated grinding stone.

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Atheer 3D glasses with gesture and eye control interface

Atheer 3D smart glasses

Wearable technology is going to rule the roost in coming years and we have enough proof that high tech glasses will lead the bandwagon. Another intuitive project that claims to provide the end-user a very enriched experience when it comes to augmented reality reflected in your wearable glasses is the Atheer One portable smart glasses that support natural interaction for an unmatchable user experience. Up on Indiegogo platform for funding Atheer One has managed to fund almost 80% of the funding goal in just 8 days.
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Timeless Box hides your gifts, and opens them on your preferred date

Timeless Box

As it turns out, keeping presents in socks isn’t exactly the fool-proof way to effectively hide gifts from your children. We (sorry, Santa) need/s something more substantial to uphold this Christmas tradition. Well, during such predicaments, the Timeless Box enters the fray to efficiently stow away your gifts for the season. Envisaged as a simple box, the design aim of the conception relates to sending gift to someone ‘in the future’. You keep the gift inside the box, and then close it and fix a date. The box will then open up only on that designated date, thus giving the receiver full access to your present (and dollops of surprises).

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iQi Mobile wireless charger for iOS devices

iQi Mobile wireless charging kit iphone 5

Wireless charging and near field communication are here to revolutionize the technology arena in a big way. So how could someone not make a wireless charging kit for iPhone 5? You, wouldn’t bet against that as iQi Mobile, a wireless charging kit for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 5C, 5S and iPod touch is here to solve your predicament. Eliminating the need of wired charger for iOS smartphone, Qi wireless charging standard has been adopted by this ultra-thin wireless charging solution. iQi Mobile wireless charger is smaller than credit card and fits effortlessly inside your smartphone’s case courtesy of the ribbon-style lightning adapter which is further connected to a Qi coil. Loaded with a beep notification feature for times when your smartphone is not in sync with the charging pad makes it stand a step above other similar charging pads for other smartphones.

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Gun Box gun safe sends alert to your phone when tampered

The Gun Box

Keeping a gun has its advantages as it prevents any dangerous situation from getting worse, but on the other hand it can be equally dangerous to keep it in your home as your kids or other notorious characters could get hold of it. So how do you make sure that there is instant access to your firearm in desperate need without making it accessible to other people in the house? The Gun Box weighting 4.7 lbs is answer to that query as is one high end handgun storing box that provides rapid access to the firearm when needed the most in case you or your family is in danger. The Gun Box uses an on-board RFID scanner that syncs with the Gun Box wristband/ring that has RFID chip for this specific functionality and with one wave over the box you have instant access to your handgun/gun.

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