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British researchers developing super-efficient battery of the future

Battery charging

Time has come when battery power is going to be one of your basic need, owing to the amount of time we spend with our gadgets. The craving to develop a battery source which lasts longer and requires far less time to charge is paramount. Researchers around the globe have been trying desperately to find that magic material which makes current battery charging methods look trivial.
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In a breakthrough scientists induce superconductivity in non-superconductive material

Superconductive alcium iron arsenide

Researchers at the University of Houston claim a major breakthrough in the field of super-conductivity. The researchers are hopeful of enhancing current superconductive materials using the findings of the new study. While existing superconductors require to be cooled down to a temperature of about -270 Degree Celsius, the researchers have induced superconductivity in non-superconducting materials by working on a decade old phenomenon. Read More…

Exciting gadgets and technologies expected in 2017

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

As years roll by, the consumer technology keeps advancing. The speed at which this is happening is so fast that the older generation can’t keep up with this change. However, for the younger generation, this is an opportunity to discover and invest in some of the coolest gadgets to arrive in 2017. We have therefore compiled a short list of what is to be expected. There are hints everywhere, so this list is just one of those convenient things you ought to familiarize yourself with.
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Teen invents tongue-controlled mouse for the physically challenged

Tongue Interface Communication Device TiC

People with disability have a tough time completing even the most basic tasks, making life an everyday struggle. In today’s time where surfing the internet can be attributed as a very major task, a teen has brought ray of hope for the unfortunate physically challenged. 17-year old Emma Mogus from Oakville has created a mouthguard-like device which acts as a mouse for desktop/laptop input. She calls it a Tongue-Interface-Communication (TiC) device, and it has five buttons which correspond to five different mouse inputs. Interestingly, the mouthguard works like a regular mouse with a bit of computer programming.
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MIT Media Lab develops programmable 3D printed hair for variety of applications

3dprinted hair
3D printing has paved way for new innovations, which were limited to sci-fi movies only. Recently, MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group showcased their 3D-printed innovation at the CHI 2016 for human-man computer interaction in San Joes. The Lab developed soft plastic hair that mimics real hair in nature. The artificial hair, developed under Project Cilllia, can be programmed to perform defined functions. It means advent of finger swipe sensors and passive actuators for many applications. The development has opened up new possibilities for personal fabrication, 3D printing and most importantly human-computer interaction. Read More…

Glassouse – Affordable assistive device lets disabled use mouse with head movements

assistive glassouse device 4
The Glassouse, an affordable bluetooth mouse that can enable disabled people to use a mouse with computers or other devices is trying to gather support from people on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It’s worn like glasses, but is actually without any lenses. The glasses can detect head movements to match them with the direction in which user wishes to scroll the cursor. The cursor can follow head movements in any direction including upward and downward directions. Read More…

Westport man’s homemade electric motorcycle fetches him CIE internship

UMass Dartmouth student builds e-bike

A mechanical engineering major, Dustin Roderigues of UMass Dartmouth, Westsport, had designed and built an electric bike in his garage last year. His innovation has fetched him an Internship at the University’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) in Fall River. He came across the CIE while attending a Startup Weekend held last winter sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. The event invites entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for hands-on experience of their innovations. The event is a great opportunity for start-ups and individuals to figure out if their ideas are viable or not. Read More…

Hover Camera – Foldable autonomous drone tracks and follow you to record visuals

Hover Camera

We have already shared with you autonomous drone bar and drone delivery service. But now a Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics has released demo version of a hover camera that can follow a person autonomously and record high-resolution images and videos. Innovators prefer to call it a flying camera than calling it a drone because it’s only purpose is to track the person and click aerial photographs and record aerial videos. Four propellers are completely enclosed in durable, but lightweight carbon frame which makes it safer to fly. You see, drones with exposed propellers are considered risky to fly over habitation or places with high pedestrian movement. Read More…

Jia Jia – An eerily realistic, interactive robot that claims itself a “Robot Goddess”

Jia jia chinese robot

We had seen a Hong Kong man spending $50,000 on his homemade humanoid robot that looked like real Scarlett Johansson until it made those creepy, slow robotic movements. Now, Chen Xiaoping from the University of Science and Technology of China unveiled what’s being claimed a humanoid robot with most realistic appearance and ability to display micro-expressions in Hefei on Friday. She is called Jia Jia by its creator, and Jia suggests submissive gesture by addressing its maker as ‘My Lord’. Read More…

Watch: Franky Zapata takes hoverboard concept to new heights with Flyboard Air

Flyboard Jetpack

Water-Jet packs have suddenly started looking bulkier as we watched Franky Zapata’s new video showing him on new hoverboard – Flyboard Air. Instead of water jet, the Air seems to have used a jet turbine engine.  Zapata hasn’t revealed many specifications, but we still know that this thrilling machine can take a man as high as 10,000 feet with a maximum top ground speed of around 150 kmh. With available fuel-pack, that Zapata appears to be wearing as backpack, can keep a man airborne for 10 minutes.
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