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Microsoft Research working on smart stylus & tablet that preempt your intent

Digital pen stylus and tablet by Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research has been working on quite a few new technologies including the flexible input display introduced yesterday. Now, they have revealed a very futuristic stylus that you can call a smart stylus, since it knows how it is being held and how the user intends to use it. Taking human-computer interaction to the next level, the team headed by Bill Buxton and Ken Hinckley at Microsoft Research (MSR) along with researchers from Cornell University and the University of Manitoba to create a tablet and stylus that closely analyses every detail using inertial sensors. Read More…

Rockstick 2 mouse exerts minimal strain on your wrist and shoulders

Rockstick 2 ergonomic wireless mouse 400-MA059 by Sanwa Supply

We have seen a lot of niche ideas for designing a PC mouse, but none is as creative as the Rockstick 2 by Sanwa Supply. This ergonomic wireless mouse has been designed in such a way that it eliminates any chances of developing strain on wrist or shoulder from long term use of mouse. For the left and right button input, a new kind of method is employed, wherein you move the mouse head to the left or right to complete the desired action.
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Senseboard virtual keyboard for wearables is an all new typing experience [w/video]

Senseboard virtual reality keyboard for wearables

With the advent of wearable computing, the need for supporting input devices is rising, and to fuel this need, researchers around the world are working overtime to create intuitive peripherals for modern times. Going along the same lines, research headed by Lars Asplund, Professor Emeritus in Robotics at Malardalen University (MDH), Sweden is onto a virtual keyboard that perfectly syncs with ultra-modern wearables. With years into the making this wearable input device called Senseboard is a virtual keyboard that works with Google Glass or Oculus Rift, as well as mobile devices and computers, for a very surreal typing experience.
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Novalia Paper keyboard will be the thinnest computer peripheral

Novalia Paper Keyboard

Printed keyboard that is as thin as a paper could be a reality in the coming months as Novalia, a Cambridge based company has plans to unveil a printed keyboard that will be cost effective. The process has metal plates with circuit engraved with conductive ink that can print at 100m/minute which is cheaper than traditional electronics. In this new kind of manufacturing method, the A4 paper is embedded with a layer of conductive ink which is sandwiched in such a way that it becomes responsive just like any other touch screen. This means, it can be attached to car windscreen, side of a glass etc. for input to a tablet or PC for example.
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