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Intel debuts Project Alloy VR headset at CES 2017

At the CES 2017, Intel demoed its in-the-works Project Alloy VR headset, which turns pre-scanned room furniture into a game scene in virtual reality. The idea of transforming real environment into virtual reality is something Intel is referring to as Mixed Reality. According to CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel is expected to provide this technology to VR manufacturers by the end of this year, since Intel wouldn’t be developing a headset itself. Read More…

Intel unveils Project Alloy – all-in-one mixed reality headset

Project Alloy

When Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took to the stage at the Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco, he had something new to release – the Project Alloy – an all-in-one virtual reality headset. Yes, Intel in entering the entertaining world of VR with its own headset that does not need to be attached to a phone or computer, remember Microsoft HoloLens?  Project Alloy is completely tetherless – it doesn’t need external sensors, processor or battery, powered by a 6th gen Intel Core processor, it comes with its own battery and processor. Read More…

100 Drones syncing to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony set a new world record

Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously_2

Drones can be a menace, drones can be lifesavers. The way in which they are used determines your perspective for them. Whatever your perspective might be, this world record setting attempt by Intel will make you look at drones in a completely new way. And with respect I must add. Intel Corporation USA launched 100 drones in the sky in formation to set the new Guinness World Records, but that is not what stunned the crowd. Drones put up a show that is awe-inspiring and you’ll wish you watched it live.
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Personal Mobility Vehicle + Intelligent Robot = Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Advanced Personal Robot_1

This looks like a standard Segway, but in-fact it is much more than that. At the ongoing CES 2016 Intel revealed Segway Advanced Personal Robot which is a rideable PMV and at the same time your companion robot. The cute mini robot butler based on Ninebot mini robot developed in collaboration with Xiaomi-backed robotic startup is rideable like your standard Segway at speed of 18kph to distance of 30km before requiring a recharge. When you are riding it, the robotic mode shuts-off. In the robotic mode this robot can follow you or carry stuff around in the supermarket, all this while it sees the world from its enchanting eyes.
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Pretty looking TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is Apple Watch’s nemesis

TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch_3

Finally the long anticipated TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch modeled on the company’s own Carrera watch has been revealed at a press conference by the Swiss watchmaker. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,500 this smartwatch actually looks like any other high-end timepiece from the premium watchmaker, but has much more under the hood than someone would expect.
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Tag Heuer smartwatch being developed in collaboration with Intel and Google Android

Tag Heuer Smartwatch

Apple Watch is going to get some stiff competition from Tag Heuer as they are all set to release their smartwatch this year. With the backing of Intel’s technology and Google Android Wear operating system, this Swiss smartwatch is going to be a perfect combo of Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley’s technology. Tag Heuer made the official announcement during a press conference held at Baselworld 2015. The leader in Swiss watch-making has a vision to fuse technology and stunning looks into a smartwatch that compliments its functionality.
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Microsoft HoloLens brings holographic imaging to your real world

Microsoft HoloLens

At the Windows 10 event Microsoft has released the HoloLens holographic computer which has an unreleased Intel Atom chip dubbed Cherry Trail. This new HUD technology blends high-definition holograms with the real world to make possible things you’ve never done before. With the HoloLens one can play 3D games chat on Skype or build 3D objects for a very fresh kind of human-computer interaction.

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CES 2015: Intel Compute Stick is a pocket-sized PC that plugs into your TV

Intel compute stick

Intel has come up with quite a few interesting things at this year’s CES; including the Intel Curie module and Nixie Drone. Other things carrying the Intel Edison microchip like Smart Spider Dress also impressed visitors. Another interesting gadget launched at CES 2015 by Compute hardware giant is this Intel Compute Stick. This HDMI dongle like device is stuffed with 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, wireless connectivity hardware and 32GB solid state HDD (expandable with MicroSD slot) for uber functionality. All you have to do is plug-it into your TV or old Compute display to get going.
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CES 2015: 3D printed animatronics dress that safeguards your personal space

3D printed Smart Spider Dress CES 2015

When you combine wearable technology and 3D printing technology, the result is surely destined to be spectacular. Going one step ahead of the Synapse Dress that is programmed using the Intel Edison microcontroller chip is the Smart Spider Dress. What it does, well protect you from any intrusion into your personal space. The 3D printed dress is currently on display at the ongoing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 in Las Vegas.
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CES 2015: Wearable Nixie drone amuses everyone at the mega event

Wearable nixie drone clicks selfies

Yes we love drones and in particular the Nixie drone that caught our eye just a few months ago. The winner of Intel Make it Wearable competition held in San Francisco, Nixie drone got the much deserved attention at CES 2015 when developer Christoph Kohstall showed the Intel Nixie drone camera in a keynote at the mega event. Intel’s keynote presented by CEO Brian Krzanich also included the Intel Curie module for modern wearables.
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